Chuck a sickie tomorrow because ALDI are selling pure linen sheet sets for under $100.

If there’s ever a sign of someone who’s got their life together, it’s owning multiple linen sheet sets.

They’re classic, earthy, luxurious and scream expensive.

In fantastic news, this Wednesday’s ALDI Special Buys sale will include 100 per cent French linen quilt cover sets and sheet sets for under $100.

That’s right. Pure linen for under $100. There has been no error. Just go with it.

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How could this be, you ponder? Well, ALDI have a knack for bringing the people on-trend, affordable homewares, and these sheets are no different. On the quality of these suspiciously cheap linen sheets, ALDI’s buyer told Mamamia:

“France is said to produce one of the world’s finest linens and these sheet sets and quilt covers are made from 100 per cent French Linen. The beauty of linen fabric is that it becomes softer and shinier after each wash. If cared for properly, linen fabric can last for decades. Compared to the other premium retailers in the market, our product provides exceptional value to our customers.”

Enough chat, here’s what you need to know about ALDI’s linen sheets on sale Wednesday, July 10.

ALDI French Linen Quilt Cover Set Queen, $89.99, and King, $99.99.

  • This set includes a quilt cover and two pillowcases.
  • It comes in five colours – light grey, charcoal, light blue, dark blue and pink.
  • The colours have a vintage wash for a rustic, wholesome look.
The pink set is SO lovely. Image: Supplied/ALDI.
Pick up sheets in grey and charcoal for minimalist mixing and matching. Image: Supplied/ALDI.
Charcoal also goes with just about every colour. Image: Supplied/ALDI.
Same goes for navy! Image: Supplied/ALDI.
I'll be pairing these light blue ones with the navy quilt cover. SO GOOD. Image: Supplied/ALDI.

ALDI French Linen Sheet Set Queen, $89.99, and King, $99.99.

  • This set features a top sheet, a fitted sheet with a 40cm wall that'll stretch over most mattresses, and two pillowcases.
  • The set comes in the same five colours - light grey, charcoal, light blue, dark blue and pink - so you can pick a contrasting colour to your quilt set (I'll be nabbing the light and dark blue sets).
  • Same vintage wash.
  • The linen is breathable, which means you'll be cool in summer and warm in winter.

For a full set of queen size bed linen, you're looking at $179.98. Yes, less than $200 for a quilt cover, bottom sheet, top sheet and four pillowcases.

Considering all of this would ordinarily cost you upwards of $300-350 (sometimes with each item sold separately), these ALDI linen sheets are a bloody bargain.

Hot tip: To keep your linen sheets in good nick for longer, wash them with a specialty linen or wool wash.


If you're looking for more minimalist home decor from Wednesday's Special Buys sale, you can also pick up a lovely chunky knit throw for $59.99, a Scandi floor lamp for $69.99, the infamous ALDI Scandi chair in grey or beige for $113, a two-pack of eyelet curtains in either light grey, charcoal or beige for $49.99, AND the fancy $10 salt and pepper grinders people lost their minds over last time they were on sale.

Chunky knits are always handy for winter. Image: Supplied/ALDI.
SO. MUCH. SCANDI. Image: Supplied/ALDI.
These curtains are a grey dream. Image: Supplied/ALDI.
aldi salt and pepper grinders
These salt and pepper grinders are in high demand. Image: Supplied/ALDI.

So on Wednesday, set your alarm, call in sick, lace up your sneakers and RUN to your nearest ALDI store because you know these linen sheets will sell out very quickly.

For more information on the Wednesday July 10 Special Buys, visit the ALDI website.

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