In these dark times, Hamish Blake joining people's Zoom calls is what Australia needs.


I think we can all agree that March 2020 has been the most topsy-turvy, upside-down, cray-cray month of modern history.

The truth is COVID-19 has forced Australians to do things we never before dreamt of, a lot of it seriously weird, like hibernate in our households, make TikToks and… the most amazing of all… have a real conversation with the neighbours.

“Yes, hello, Sam and Ethel. Please let us know if you need to borrow some of our toilet paper.”

Unprecedented times, people.


Our lives have essentially been taken over by two apps: Houseparty (more specifically, Houseparty’s ENDLESS notifications) and Zoom.

If you’ve been using Zoom for work or education reasons, I think we can all agree there’s one person who would make our meetings infinitely better. Enter, Hamish Blake.

The Australian comedian and radio personality has decided the best way to amuse himself during self-isolation is to join random Zoom chats and, please Hamish, I don’t want to sound desperate, but PICK ME!


Last Thursday, while fenced up in his Melbourne home, the comedian joined a random University law tutorial in South Australia and asked the class: “Zoom for one more?”

He really wanted to know “When’s the exam?” and also suggested that “everyone should just get Bs”.

Posting the hilarious exchange to Instagram, Blake – famous for being one half of Australia’s beloved comedic duo, Hamish and Andy – asked Australians to send him their meeting IDs for him to pop in. And, yes, obviously he was inundated.

On Monday, he spoke to Today hosts Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon about his “out of control” schedule of meetings on Monday.

“I mean, honestly, it is bringing me probably more joy than I thought it would bring,” he laughed.

“It is giving me a fun way to spend the day.

“I went to quite a lot of Friday night drinks on Friday night. I am happy to slip in.”

The TV personality gave us a peep inside his home life at the moment too.

“We are in the middle of potty training at the moment – not for me, I refuse to be trained – but for my three-year-old,” he joked, referring to his daughter, Rudy, who he shares with wife Zoë Foster-Blake.

“We are doing what everyone is doing, life is going on but in a much smaller horizon.”

Zoom Hamish Blake
When Hamish Blake just casually joins your law tutorial. Image: Instagram.

But behind the jokes, Blake emphasised the important message that everyone must follow the government's strict instructions to stay indoors in order to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

"We are all kind of inside and we are not talking to that many people," he shared. "It has been a lot of fun just finding a way to get out and talk to people.

"It is a great reminder that we are all doing this together."


Also, just as a side note but it's also of the utmost importance, can someone please get Hamish Blake to crash my Houseparty? Extra points if he brings Sonny. Or Rudy. OR ZFB.

WE - and I cannot stress this enough - LOVE THEM ALL.

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