Coles just banned Zoo Weekly from its shelves.

And everything is right in the world. Almost.

It offers blokes tips on how to pick the “skankiest” girl in a group and “separate her from the flock”.

It advises impressionable young men to let his “dewy-eyed” girl “know she’s being f–ked”. It commemorates ANZAC Day with big-breasted girls in camouflage bikinis holding poppies. It consistently objectifies women and has long been accused of promoting rape culture.

And now, men’s magazine Zoo Weekly has been banned from Coles’ shelves.

This is what we’ll be missing when shopping at Coles:

The retail giant “made the commercial decision” to stop selling the title after a regular review of its magazine range, Mumbrella reports.

But a petition calling for the banning of the provocative Bauer Media title, started by 23-year-old Laura Pintur and signed by more than 38,000 people, may have had a little something to do with it.

“Zoo Weekly uses the same language as rapists in its magazine,” Ms Pintur previously wrote for Mamamia.

“Sexually objectifying imagery and demeaning content feature on Zoo’s social media sites.

Zoo contributes to a culture that is hostile and threatening to women. It puts my friends and I in danger.”

Laura Pintur – the woman behind the petition.

Melinda Liszewski of activist group Collective Shout said Coles has acted responsibly in ditching the lad’s mag.

“By discontinuing Zoo they have demonstrated a commitment to a supportive environment for staff and a safer and more respectful community for staff and customers,” Ms Liszewski told Mumbrella.

Ms Liszewski said they were “now calling on Woolworths to do the right thing by women and girls and pull Zoo Weekly from shelves immediately”.

The magazine’s circulation was in dramatic decline before its publisher withdrew the numbers from the audit figures late last year.

Let’s hope every other supermarket gets on board and puts the final nail in the coffin of the misogynistic magazine.

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