Goodbye, Zoo Weekly. We won’t miss you.

Too bad, so sad…

Struggling ‘lads mag’ Zoo Weekly will publish its last issue in October, with corporate types blaming “rough retail conditions in the men’s market” on poor sales.

We’d like to think it’s more that there isn’t much demand for a publication that objectifies women in the most blatant way.

Either way, we’re not going to miss it.


It turns out people don’t want to buy a magazine with tips about how to pick up the “skankiest” girl in a group and “separate her from the flock” or how to let a “dewy-eyed” girl “know she’s being f–ked”.

A magazine that commemorates the service people who died for our country with a bikini-clad model holding a poppy and talking about how she likes “guys in uniform”.

)“They’re bad arses, they have guns and they’re really fit and well built,” she said in that cringeworthy issue. “Plus they know how to follow orders…”)

A magazine filled with bums, and boobs, and salacious, ridiculous captions.

The ANZAC special.

Or a magazine that published a photoshopped image of politician Sarah Hanson-Young’s head on the body of a lingerie model, later explaining they created the demeaning image because of her views on refugees.

The axing is hardly a surprise after Coles banned the title from sale at the supermarket last month following a petition by lobby group Collective Shout.

There were also calls for Woolworths to join the ban.

Zoo’s closure includes the magazine, website and social media content, Mumbrella reports.

It reports that sales became so dire in recent years that Bauer Media withdrew the title from the circulated audit figures.

So, it’s the end of an era. And we couldn’t be happier.

This is the kind of thing we’ll be missing: