The Zombie prank video that probably (definitely) went too far.

We can’t quite tell if this is cruel or funny, but see what you think.

A Brazilian TV show has pushed the boundaries with a hidden camera prank for their Silvio Santos Program, a concept similar to Ashton Kutcher’s Punk’d.

Subway commuters in Ceara were left terrified when the power on a train went out, and they were plunged into darkness. Seconds later, a large group of zombies were banging on the windows, looking for brains (is that what zombies do?). They were convincingly made-up too, with flesh falling from their skulls and creepy dead eyes.

One woman, who was travelling alone, was absolutely hysterical, which is the part that leads us to think this prank landed on the ‘cruel’ side of the line.

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A zombie breaks into the carriage and starts to grab at her, and she looks as though she might have a heart attack.

We don’t blame her. Thankfully, everyone was okay. Not sure if we’ll be catching a train in Brazil anytime soon, though.

What do you think? Is it too cruel?

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