Where to get Zoe Foster Blake's brilliant top from The Wrong Girl last night.

In an otherwise emotional episode, there was one shining light in The Wrong Girl last night – Zoe Foster Blake.

Yes, the author of the novel-turned-TV-show had a sneaky little cameo that had social media lighting up.


In her role as Lily’s former intern, Foster Blake ran into Lily mid-conversation with weatherman Hamilton, played by her real life husband Hamish Blake, before the pair delivered the killer punchline after their exchange – “Who is that?”

If there was one thing better than seeing one of our favourite couples acting on screen together, it was Foster Blake’s outfit.


“Wheres that jumper from?” asked one follower, while another added, “Even your jumper is smiling!”

Her simple Cos collared shirt was worn with a navy and white star-emblazoned jumper that we imagine wouldn’t look out of place in Foster Blake’s own wardrobe.

The item in question is an Equipment cashmere jumper from Grace Melbourne, the boutique where most of Lily’s wardrobe has come from.

The bad news? It just sold out.


We know – bummer.

If you are looking for something similar, we found a jumper in the reverse colours from the same label for $509.


Image: Matches Fashion

Foster Blake's hair on the other hand... that we can help with.

She recently shared her style and beauty tips with us and they're goooood. You'll want to grab a pen and paper.

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