McLeod's Daughter's Zoe Naylor's 'natural' parenting doesn't include vaccination.

Former McLeod’s Daughter’s star Zoe Naylor has revealed she does not vaccinate her children, preferring to treat them “homeopathically” in order to prevent illness.

In an interview with Kidspot, Naylor told the website all about her ‘natural’ approach to parenting, including the decision not to vaccinate and refusing to fall victim to routine.

When probed about her stance on vaccination, Naylor said that even though she understands the criticism surrounding an anti-vax attitude, she still does not feel any pressure nor inclination to immunise her own children.

“I’m pro-choice but it has to be an informed choice,” she said.

“I personally treat my children homeopathically. So, I am doing something. But you can’t immunise and then go and eat McDonalds. You need a holistic approach to wellness.”


Naylor then went on, attempting to ease the concerns of other mothers about her anti-vax stance, believing that if a child is treated “homeopathically” then other parents shouldn’t be concerned about the welfare of their own child.

“If your kid is in daycare and there’s someone else who doesn’t vaccinate, you feel they’ve been left open, [but] if the mother of that child is homeopathically treating their child and looking after their overall wellness, you shouldn’t worry,” she said.

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Video via NSW Health

Naylor acknowledges the last six or so years have been a period of “long-term therapy” after battling a heroin addiction and deciding to tackle her well-hidden secret.

Since then, the mother-of-two has started a a blog called Kaftan Mama which she describes as a “guide to emotional, physical, spiritual and mental wellness”.

In tune with her holistic approach to parenting, Naylor also told Kidspot she refuses to put her children on any form of schedule, preferring to follow her children’s lead.

“Aaron and I are attachment parents,” she said.

“We are following the child’s lead. We have kind of surrendered any notion of control and putting the kids in any schedule. We allow them to lead with what they want. We follow the child’s lead and take charge when necessary. That’s been the way with everything,” she said.