A "big group hug" and no phones at night: A day in the life of Zoe Marshall.

Want to know how your favourite celebs spend their days? Yep, us too. In Mamamia’s A Day in the Life series, fascinating people share everything from what they eat for breakfast to their pre-bedtime rituals. 

This week, we find out what life is like for influencer, podcast host and mum-of-two Zoe Marshall.

Like so many other mums, Zoe Marshall spends her typical weekday trying to balance work life and mum life.

The social media influencer and collaborator for Best&Less' Mother's Day campaign lives in Sydney with her husband, ex-NRL player Benji Marshall, and their two children, Fox, four, and Ever, 10 months. 

She's also the creator and host of her own podcast, The Deep, and has a growing community of 62,000 followers on Instagram. Yep, busy lady.

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Zoe's day usually starts between 6.30 and 7am. 

Her eldest, Fox, is already up with Benji, and she'll go and get their 10-month-old Ever. They'll then all crawl into bed together.


"I [get] Ever and bring her into bed with me; usually the boys follow and we have a big group hug," she told Mamamia. "Sounds corny. But it’s true."

After that, it's onto breakfast for the kids. 

Fox usually has Weet-Bix, while Ever eats a scrambled egg, fresh fruit and toast. Zoe opts for something easy and quick.


"I always start the day with a big glass of water, and at the moment I’m obsessed with smoothies," she said, explaining her go-to consists of spinach, banana, green powder, chia seeds, psyllium husk, almond milk and yoghurt.

After breakfast, Zoe gets ready for the day.

When she's working from home, the mum-of-two will wear no makeup, unless she's shooting content. And when she goes out, she'll only put a "low-key face on".

"That’s a tinted moisturiser, a little highlighter, blush, concealer, mascara, and I fill in the brows," she told us.


Then for clothes, Zoe's favourite weekday outfit is distressed jeans and an oversized shirt. "Pop a shoulder out and that makes me feel a little more confident," she said.  

Once dressed and ready, Zoe will say goodbye to the boys and go for her morning walk with Ever. By the time she gets back home, it's time for the 10-month-old's first nap.


While Ever's down, Zoe gets stuck into some work. Right now, her main focus is her new membership model, The Deeper. 

"The business has expanded [since launching the podcast in June 2020] and there’s so many deadlines that I try to manage in between the babies naps," she said.

As for the podcast, she records two to three times a week, either at home (she and Benji's new home has a podcast studio) or in a studio elsewhere. 

There's a fair bit involved in it.

"I think the main element that’s involved when creating an episode is curiosity, empathy, and true listening without an agenda," she said.

"The pre and post production and guest liaising is pretty standard. We have a great team that does the heavy lifting with the production stuff."


Zoe works a full day until 5pm when it's time for dinner, bath and bedtime.

"It’s really important for me to be home to eat dinner with the kids," she said, before sharing their go-to weeknight meal.

"Tonight we had healthy turkey tacos," she said. "We do this weekly. Can be a bowl, a burrito, or we crisp some mountain bread and make chips."

As for Zoe's 'me-time', she has her daily walks, and tries to get to Pilates a few times a week.

After dinner, the kids go to bed between 6.30 and 7pm, and Zoe gets back to work until 9pm when she puts on a TV series (she's currently watching Anatomy of a Scandal) and "snugs with Benj on the couch".


"[I also] love a Loco Love choccie and hot chocolate," Zoe said, before sharing her bedtime routine.

"Phones down at 9.30pm, I read My Policeman and the homeopathics to help me sleep," she said.

Then it's up to do it all over again.

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