Married at First Sight's Zoe and Alex are having a baby.

After months of trying and a heartbreaking miscarriage, Married at First Sight‘s Zoe Hendrix and Alex Garner are expecting their first child.

They’re the only couple to remain intact from the début season of the show and says they couldn’t be happier after taking their romance from reality TV out into the real world over a year ago.

“We’re absolutely over the moon,” Zoe told Woman’s Day, announcing her pregnancy.

Zoe and Alex met on the set of Married at First sight last year. Source: Instagram

Last year the couple was devastated when Zoe miscarried in the first trimester of her pregnancy.

She spoke publicly about her experience and her attempts to combat the taboo that still exists around the subject.

Zoe and Alex discussed Zoe's miscarriage on A Current Affair on the couple's first wedding anniversary (post continues after video):

"It's OK to feel devastated. It's all part of acknowledging that this is our loss. There was a heartbeat, it was a person, we were looking at names and everything," she told Mamamia at the time.

"Some women when they've had a miscarriage and go on to have another pregnancy, they were petrified right up until the birth because you just never know. It’s the unknown, the unexplainable. It can happen for no reason."

"Pregnancy is beautiful but it can still be beautiful even if it doesn't work. It’s still a miracle. There’s such a high chance of it not happening at all. And I don’t want to scare people but I think we need to acknowledge both sides of it – then we can enjoy it even more, and say, 'How amazing.'"

Unfortunately, since falling pregnant for the second time, Zoe's been suffering she from hyperemesis gravidarum – the same severe morning sickness as experienced by Kate Middleton.

"I was in hospital for two days on a drip, and was vomiting 30 times a day," she told the Woman's Day, but fortunately things had finally settled down.

"I'm starting to enjoy the journey!"

Congratulations Zoe and Alex.