The 11 best beauty lessons I learned from Zoe Foster

You know how Zoe Foster has joined Mamamia as our new contributing editor and she’ll be posting fresh, exclusive beauty content twice a week from October 25? Yes, that. While we’re drumming our fingers impatiently waiting for that happy day to arrive, I’ve been thinking about what she’s taught me.

Now that the dust (or loose powder) has settled and it’s a few months since I inhaled Zoe Foster’s Amazing Face book, I thought I’d tell you the 11 most saliant lessons that have stayed with me. The things I’ve stuck to that have made the most difference to my beauty routine.

The Ultraceuticals serum I am using

1. Serums. I never understood serums. They sounded complicated and slightly medical and maybe requiring a syringe. But no! It turns out they were a crucial aspect of my skincare that was missing. A serum goes on under your moisturiser. I’ve tried a few different ones – and Zoe recommends a few in her book of varying prices – but the important thing is that you use one (if you want to, obviously). I thought piling on all those products on top of each other would make my skin too greasy but if you wait a minute between each layer, it doesn’t. As my skin ages, it turns out it needs more juice

2. Use an angled brush for eyeliner: I never knew about angled brushes! No wonder my dark eye shadows looked like big fuzzy textas when I tried to shade along my lashline! My brush was neither small enough nor angled! If I had to pick one brush in the world to take to a desert island (weird island, admittedly), it would be this one. And my toothbrush. Has totally transformed the way I do my eye make-up.

Using the gold YSL pen

3. Triangles under your eyes: I’ve had those gold YSL pen thingies (their technical name is Touche Eclat) for years because everyone else did (baaaaa) but I never knew quite what to do with them. I kind of used them as a concealer. That’s what they are right? Wrong. Lots of companies make them now but if you have one, do not use it as a concealer. You’re meant to draw an upside down triangle under your eye (not too close to your lower lashline) and then dab to blend. It reflects light upwards apparently. Now you know.

4. Dab don’t rub: did you know you were meant to dab in your concealer (and illuminator) under and around your eyes. You are. Rubbing stretches the delicate skin which doesn’t spring back QUITE the way it used to….ahem. In this video, Zoe shows the kind of dabbing patting thing you do with your finger. It also sets it much better instead of rubbing which actually rubs it off and defeats the purpose. Duh.

5. A brilliant undereye concealer: this one from Covergirl & Olay. It’s called Simply Ageless. It’s not expensive (Priceline and supermarkets) and it goes on like a dream. Zoe swears by it. Me too now.


Here’s a brilliant video from Zoe which explains how to get that wide-awake look:

6. Bronzer is easier than it looks: Again, I never knew what to do with bronzer so I sort of just fluffed it over my face and ended up looking like an Ooompa Loompah. Often. Zoe explained “The Backwards 3” which makes it all much clearer. Here’s how to do “The Backwards 3”:

ALMAY oil free cleanser pads. Love them

7. These eye-make-up remover pads are essential.

I used to just used my cleanser all over my face including to get my eye make-up off and more often than not, I ended up panda-like. These are gentle, you don’t have to pull on the skin around your eyes (see point 4) and they take off even waterproof mascara. They’re coming with me to the desert island. With my angled brush. And my iPhone so I can call for someone to get me the hell out of there.

8. Don’t goop product on your head: I do this – do you do this? Squirt some mousse or styling creme or something and dump it straight on top of your head. Bad idea. Work it into the ends not the scalp or your hair will be lank and blah.

9. Enough with the glitter.

I have this friend – let’s call her Louise Bell – who has always worn sparkles around her eyes. Of course I have copied her for years and have never pulled it off in the whimsical, faintly hippy glam way that she always has. Zoe reminded me that I am (a) not Tinkerbell, and (b) not 5 years old.

Revlon lipsticks. The bomb

10. Bright lipsticks are the bomb: I have never worn hot pink lipstick in my life except for when I was about 5 and after reading Amazing Face. Zoe explains that bright lipsticks – oranges, pinks, reds – are not a trend, they’re a staple. Like a nude lip. And who knew a brunette with olive skin could wear fuschia? But I can. And I do. I now have a vast assortment of bright lippies – most from Revlon who do brilliant ones that aren’t expensive. My favourites are Melonade and Fire & Ice.

11. Browns and prunes are generally unflattering.

This was a biggie. Life-changing. WELL, lip-changing. Sadly, 99% of my lipsticks used to be variations on this colour. Slight variations. None of them particularly suited me and yet I was stuck in an Unflattering Lipstick Rut. Perhaps you are too. Colour is now my friend. Make it yours. Go on.

What’s the best beauty tip you have? Sharing is caring.

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