Zoe Foster Blake had Sonny's portrait drawn on holiday. It went very badly.

A few years ago, as I was travelling through Italy, I decided I didn’t have enough memorabilia from my glorious holiday.

So I grabbed my boyfriend by the hand and told him we were going to get a nice Italian man to draw our portrait.

On closer inspection, they were very expensive. So, instead, we opted for a man drawing caricatures. We sat in front of him with big grins on our faces as he drew what we thought would be a very fun picture – hilarious because of how accurately it portrayed us.

But then, um, he showed us. My boyfriend looked like a donkey and I looked…I don’t know how to say this without being offensive, but…hoochy?

I've cut out the excessive cleavage he gave me. But, I promise, neither of us look like this. Image supplied.

Yeah. That was €15 NOT well spent.

But it appears I'm not alone. Because yesterday, Zoe Foster Blake had a street-portrait-gone-wrong incident that she shared with her over 300,000 Instagram followers.

Check out Zoe's snaps from her family's European holiday. Post continues after gallery...

It would seem that Foster Blake was also strolling the streets of Florence, when she decided that her two-year-old son Sonny was way too cute to not have an Italian man make a caricature out of him.

'Look at his cheeks!' she must have thought. 'There's so much cuteness to emphasise!'

I can just picture her sitting there, eagerly awaiting the reveal of what was sure to be an absolutely hilarious picture, that looked so much like Sonny.

I have a strong inkling Foster Blake went to the same caricature-guy that I did, because this is how it turned out:

The caricaturist who drew Sonny clearly went to the Lisa Simpson on Rollerskates School of Arts.

A photo posted by ZOË FOSTER BLAKE (@zotheysay) on


What. Is. With. Those. Legs.

She captioned the image, 'The caricaturist who drew Sonny clearly went to the Lisa Simpson on Rollerskates School of Arts.'

The likes and comments rolled in, with fans agreeing, 'Good drawing but that's not Sonny.'

'So sorry Sonny. You did not deserve this!' wrote another fan.

Excuse me Mr. Italian Caricature Man, but you clearly didn't know who you were drawing. Sonny Blake is Australian ROYALTY. You could have done so much with that opportunity.

At least Zoe has countless gorgeous photos of Sonny to remember her trip by.

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