Zoe Foster Blake just dropped a huge hint that baby number two isn't far away.

We don’t mean to be creeps, or overly invested in the birth of the next Blake baby, but Zoe Foster Blake has begun to pack her hospital bag which means Sonny 2.0 is just. about. here.

Posting on her Instagram story on Thursday morning, Foster-Blake gave a sneak peak into a few of her favourite things, which will be making the trek from the Foster-Blake household to the hospital when the impending arrival isn’t so impending anymore.

Her favourites?

  • Some TOM pads, of course;
  • Some post-pregnancy recovery shorts;
  • What looks to be some hand sanitiser;
  • Some BodyICE Woman Maternity Care to put some ice on the places that…need it; and
  • Lollies.

According to Midwife Cath and Bec Judd from Mamamia’s Hello Bump podcast, Foster Blake is right on the money with a few of these items.

In fact, according to Cath, it may be wise to bring “multiple” packs of maternity pads as new mums go through them quickly and will need “put a pad up the front and a pad up the back”.

Listen to Cath, Bec and Monz chat all things birth bag. Article continues after podcast.

She also suggests “fabulous breastfeeding tops”, a pair of loose pants and at least one baggy top for comfort.

And as for Bec Judd?

The mum-of-four recommends new mums-to-be pack multiple bras as they are easily dirtied and difficult to clean.

“They get dirty really easily because when your milk is coming in, it leaks everywhere and they get really wet and soggy,” she said.


What was your essential maternity bag item? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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