Zoe Foster Blake has been trolled on Instagram.

It’s harsh.

She’s married to one of the most famous and funniest personalities in Australia – Hamish Blake, and is renowned for her unique, cute and funny Instagram snaps.

Everybody loves Zoe Foster Blake, there’s not many people who have a bad word to say about her. So today when she posted a funny photo to her zotheysay Instagram account showing a home-made medicine ball, fashioned by her hubby, the abusive comment that followed was unexpected.

Here is her picture, captioned: “The homemade medicine ball my husband fashioned for me using a LuluLemon bag, rocks and gaffa. Email me with any sales enquiries; if we get more than 100,000,000 in the next four minutes we will go into production.”

The medicine ball.

Most fans loved the ball.

The first commenter asked to order 200,000,000.

But one troll decided they would get involved with a very nasty comment thrown unprovoked to a very lovely couple.

Zoe quickly deleted the comment, and many people were outraged.

It's Zoe Foster Blake and her husband being funny you guys.

Just be nice.

What do you think of trolls on Instagram?

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