Zoe Foster Blake just shared the first photo of Sonny and baby Rudy together.

Just over a week ago, Hamish and Zoe Foster Blake introduced us to their newborn daughter, Rudy Hazel Blake.

Of course, there was a certain someone who was very, very excited to meet little Rudy.

Three-year-old Sonny.

But the brand new big brother had a problem. He got sick. 

Listen: Zoe Foster-Blake talks to Mamamia’s Holly Wainwright about holding it down with Sonny when Hamish is away. 

Speaking on Tuesday for the first time since the birth of the couple’s second child, Hamish said there’d been a pesky virus making its way around the Blake household.

“Sonny, the weekend before last, when Zoe went into labour, got a terrible virus and I said to Zoe I would keep him away from her and run interference… I then got the virus,” Hamish told Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little on their HIT radio show.

But on Wednesday afternoon, Zoe shared the very first photo of Sonny with his new baby sister. And sure, it might not be the most important news in the country today…


Image via Instagram.

"We're out! We're citizens of the world again! I have shoes on!" Zoe wrote.

Sonny appeared to be taking his big brother role very seriously, while Rudy was... asleep. Fast asleep.

We can just tell this is going to be the start of a beautiful sibling friendship.