FLUFF: Zoe Foster Blake has a baby-related announcement.

Zoe Foster Blake just posted a cute note on her blog, Fruity Beauty,to say that a certain son of hers has been taking up all her time and energy.

She’s a new mama – of course he has.

The 33-year-old beauty blogger shared this announcement with her many adoring followers:

We interrupt this program

… to advise this program is being interrupted.

It’s because of this little fella, Sonny Donald Blake, a gloriously chubby-cheeked little soul I gave birth to three weeks ago, and who insists on consuming all of my time, sleep, heart, love, and breast milk. (To be fair, no one else really needs or wants that milk.)

I will blast some beauty gear onto my Instagram every now and then (@zotheysay) when my brain remembers how to do anything further than washing onesies and burping, so by all means take your maniacal little scrolling thumb over there every now and then until I’m back on deck. And by on deck I mean online. And by online I mean blogging. And by blogging I mean nonsense.

She sweetened the news with this lovely photo of baby Sonny (who wouldn’t want to spend all their time cuddling him?)

Happy mama time, Zo.

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