Zoe Foster Blake just shared three 'newborn hacks' and mums are cheering.

Author and beauty guru Zoe Foster Blake knows that just because you’ve done it before, it doesn’t mean dealing with life as a mum of a newborn is any easier.

That’s why she’s shared a list of her must-have items with her 596,000 followers on Instagram to help a “scrunched-up, yelly, crying, non-sleeping” baby get to sleep.

Zoe and her husband Hamish Blake welcomed their second child, a daughter named Rudy Hazel Blake on July 17.

Already parents to three-year-old Sonny, Zoe told her followers that her experience with baby Rudy was very, very different.

“Unlike her brother and father, my newborn struggles to expel air,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Doesn’t help that my flow speed (milk, not rap) is set to 200km/ph. And so, she’s a gulpy, anguished, scrunched-up, yelly, crying, non-sleeping little Gollum unless I do stuff (tilted feeding etc) to limit gassiness.”

“There’s no risk of me being considered an expert, but these anti-wind aids were recommended to me, and I now I piff them to you. Cos maybe they will help get you some goddamn sleep.”


The first item on her list?

A Cocoonababy Nest, which Zoe says allows Rudy to nap “on an incline for her reflux”. It’s also portable and gives her “in-womb snugness”.

“It’s $300, and they only sleep in it for 3-4m, but WHAT PRICE SLEEP?!” she joked.

“If only I knew about this when Sonny was a newborn. Baby gadgets have improved so much in the last three years.”

The 37-year-old mum also recommends Willby’s Wind and Colic mixture which calms down Rudy and helps her fall asleep.

“She still has some horrid feed/gas episodes, but overall: game changer! Toot city! Marvelous!” she wrote.

The third item Zoe recommends for mums of gassy tots? Dr Brown’s Wide-Neck Newborn bottle “with a Pigeon wideneck SS teat”, a product recommended by her own “all-knowing midwife wizard”.

“It gives a gentle, non-gulpy feed,” Zoe shared.

Zoe recommended a colic mixture and a wide-neck bottle for new mums. Image via Instagram.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Zoe Foster Blake post without an extra dose of humour, and she joked that she also used whisky on Rudy's dummy to help her sleep.


"I put it straight into her bottle, obviously."

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