Fluff: Zoe Foster Blake's 'Oh Sh*t The Baby Is Starting To Cry 2-minute' makeup routine.

In case you’ve been living under a doona (don’t blame you really, it’s chilly out there) for the past few weeks, beauty blogger Zoe Foster Blake has given birth to a beautiful human, Sonny.

She posted a note on her blog, Fruity Beauty, last week to tell us that ‘little fella’ has been sucking up all of her ‘time, sleep, heart, love, and breast milk’ as babies tend to do, and not to expect any new beauty content until further notice (selfish much? Kidding).

Lucky for us, Zoe is still doing the occasional beauty blast on Instagram, in between you know, looking after her first born child.

This afternoon she Instagrammed her ‘Oh Shit The Baby Is Starting To Cry 2-minute’ makeup routine, and our fingers couldn’t scroll fast enough to read what she’s now putting on her (no doubt sleep-deprived) beautiful face.

“When you have a newborn, makeup, like general hygiene, is a sweet, distant memory. And so I present – in order of application – my Oh Shit The Baby Is Starting To Cry 2-minute makeup routine.”

“It’s failsafe, FAST, and gives a fresh, glowy, awakey looking appearance. Think of it as cosmetic espresso,” Zoe captioned the shot.

Zoe’s full list of products (with links to buy):

1. Clarins BB cream for lightweight, radiant all over coverage.

2. Napoleon Perdis The One concealer under the eye and to the outer corners to disguise dark circles and quite magically brighten the whole eye area.

3. Clinique Lash Power (tubular) mascara for pretty lashes that stay mascara-d even if you have an overtired teary shitfit.

4. MAC Chromographic pencil (for the inner lower lashline),

5. Revlon Colorstay Eyebrow Liner in blonde to fill-in and groom the brows in a flippy flash.

6. Stila Convertible Color for a flush of lies (“Sure I slept!”) and pink on the cheeks

7. Go-to skincare Lips! for glossy, nourished lips.

(Actually leaving the house optional.)