Zoe Foster Blake's travel purchases prove she is all of us on holiday.

What is it about holidays that brings out the inner hoarder in all of us?

There is no other context in which we would buy a full-length patterned, ruffled, garish-coloured skirt. Or an obnoxiously large European hat. Or those super unflattering gypsy pants. Or 43 scarves. Or a really ‘fun’ sarong. Or goddamn SHELL JEWELRY.

And don’t even get me started on ornaments…

Well, it turns out Zoe Foster Blake is all of us on holidays, albeit with a much cuter side kick. (Sonny. I’m talking about Sonny.)

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Yes, even the Go-To founder and author makes holiday purchases that probably wouldn’t happen at home.

Exhibit A: a pompom bag.

Foster Blake, who is currently holidaying in Italy, shared her new purchase to Instagram with the caption, “I got a reeeaal crush on pompoms, which is handy since Sicily is filthy with them.”

“And!” the 35-year-old continued, “I don’t even think I am holiday-idiot buying; I genuinely believe Real Life me will wear and love also. Just like my Thai fisherman pants, and Greek sandals, and Indian sari, and Norwegian bunad…”


We believe you, Zoe. Ah yes, the Greek sandals — don’t we all have a pair tucked away somewhere?

Speaking of sandals, Foster Blake also seems to have snapped up a pair of Miu Mius.

(He copied my dress, too.) A photo posted by ZOË FOSTER BLAKE (@zotheysay) on Jul 4, 2016 at 12:07pm PDT

Oh God, Sonny’s little feet are so cute…

However, as anyone who has traveled knows well, it’s not all beaded giraffe key rings and postcards we know we’ll never actually use.

Watch: How Zoe Foster Blake’s beauty routine has changed since becoming a mum. (Post continues after video.)


Every now and then you hit the shopping jackpot.

In Foster Blake’s case, it was the vintage find.

“I haven’t vintage shopped enthusiastically for some years (since before Carrie Bradshaw went couture, probably) but I’m having a real bloody party of it here in Florence,” the Amazinger Face author captioned the image.

“It just seems right to buy pre-loved Pucci and Gucci and Splertzatucci (sorry) in the city these brands were founded, you know? Like finding a really great vintage Bintang singlet in Bali.”

Ha. A Bintang singlet. Who would have one of those? (Us. We all have one of those.)

What slightly ridiculous holiday purchases have you made over the years? This is a safe space.