Hamish Blake hilariously hijacks Zoe Foster Blake's latest Instagram post.

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When it comes to couples on social media, there’s a very fine line between what’s cute and what’s saccharine (or let’s be honest, downright nauseating). Couple-posting becomes extra precarious in the leadup to Valentine’s Day.

For what it’s worth, though, we reckon Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster Blake deserve some kind of Gold Standard certification.

The comedian/radio host and Go-To Skincare CEO/beauty guru share sweet photos of one another (and their adorable Sonny) on the regular, along with the occasional lovey tribute. Yet their signature wit and sense of fun means they always get away with it.

Take their latest Instagram exchange, for instance. This morning, Zoe shared yet another brilliant nugget of beauty wisdom — honestly, if you’re not already following her you’re really missing out — regarding the wonders of a lash lift.

So this looks amazing. (Image: @zotheysay/Instagram)

This was a subject of great interest for The Glow team — and don't worry, we will return to it later in this post — but were quickly distracted by the cheeky-yet-lovely comment Hamish posted underneath.

"Hey reeeeeal nice face. What model of lipstick is that?" he began.

"Need to know but also can't read English so maybe meet me somewhere for dinner to tell me plus maybe we get some drinks after and also do some kissing? DM me for deets."

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Oh, Hamish Blake. Never change.

We weren't the only ones distracted by his comment, either — other followers were quick to respond with crying-laughing-face emojis and other approving messages. A+ effort.

As mentioned, this isn't an isolated case. Here are a couple of cute tributes they've posted in recent months:

"Slicker than a rat with a gold tooth" is our new favourite compliment. (Image: @zotheysay/Instagram)

And now one from Hamish:

Well, it's very important. (Image: @hamishblakeshotz/Instagram)

And that's how it's done, ladies and gentlemen.

Now, where were we...? Oh yes. The lash lift.

In her post, Zoe said she was wearing nothing but foundation and lipstick, and attributed her eye-popping lashes to a recent tint and lift.

"A lashlift, for those telepathically asking, is essentially a modern-day eyelash perm, giving you the wide-awakey-eye benefits of permanently (as in, six-weeks-or-until-those-lashes-naturally-fall-out) curled lashes, and your lash curler a chance to nip off to Gwinganna or Bali for a well-earned break," she explains. (Post continues after gallery.)

"While it’s fine without mascara and liner, when you DO wear them, shit gets REALLY impressive, and your thoughts on your own attractiveness will REALLY start to rocket, to the point where no shop window or mirror is safe."

In case you're wondering, Zoe had her lashlift done at Me Skin and Body in Melbourne — it took an hour and cost $115.

Use this information as you will.

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