Zoe Foster Blake has noticed something rather exciting since giving birth to her daughter.

Zoe Foster Blake has noticed something rather fascinating since giving birth to daughter Rudy one week ago.

The 36-year-old, who already has a three-year-old son with husband Hamish Blake, shared a post to Instagram on Sunday evening showcasing some of the gifts she’s received for her newborn.

They’re “adorably, pointedly feminist”.

The author and cosmetics entrepreneur wrote:

“Maybe it’s cos I just finished The Handmaid’s Tale, or I’m feeling the privilege and responsibility entrusted to me to raise a self-assured, wholehearted woman, or maybe it’s just a spectacular lack of sleep, but the fact that my girlfriends have all given me adorably, pointedly feminist gifts for Rudy warms me to my milky, sloppy core. Yknow, it’s funny, I don’t recall getting anything like this when I had a boy…”


The gifts included a ONESIE that reads, ‘The future is female,’ and four books, including ‘Women in Science,’ and ‘Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls’.

Other women were quick to applaud Rudy’s selection of gifts, with one adding, “She couldn’t have a better role model”.

Rudy Hazel Blake was introduced to the world on Wednesday afternoon by her mum and dad, with two gorgeous photos, and some very funny captions.

Rudy’s presents – notably lacking in pink tutus and (ridiculously cute) hair accessories – might just be a hint we’ve made some progress when it comes to how we treat girls once they’re born. Like the interesting, competent, future-feminists they are.

Zoe Foster-Blake talks to Mamamia’s Holly Wainwright about holding it down with Sonny when Hamish is away. 

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