Your first look at Zoe Foster Blake's fashion line is here. Drum roll, please...

Author, app creator, beauty writer, Go To Skincare founder and soon-to-be mum of two Zoe Foster Blake clearly doesn’t have enough on her plate as it is. So she’s gone ahead and teamed up with Aussie label Skin and Threads to create a fashion line.

Zoe announced the happy news in May, telling her Instagram followers to expect “crustaceans, cockatoos, fruit, biscuits, stars… you know, grown-up, serious stuff. Perfect for the boardroom.”

She wasn’t telling porkie pies, either.

The Wrong Girl author shared the very first sneak peek at her designs on Wednesday night, and the first cab off the rank is… drum roll, please… An ICED VOVO SWEATER.

The 36-year-old declares the grey marle jumper to be “the perfect option for brunch with newly sugar-free pals, and a great way to remind everyone that you’re still firmly lodged in the ’80s when it comes to your confectionery choices.”

Sounds good to us.

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If you’d like an Iced Vovo jumper of your very own, the good news is you don’t have to wait too long. Pre-sale starts on July 13 on the Skin and Threads website, and the full range will land in stores on August 7.

Credit cards at the ready, friends.