The nitty gritty details of life in the Foster Blake household.

There is a lot to learn from the fabulous Zoe Foster Blake. She’s written seven books. Founded her own skin-care line. Has a cult beauty following, and is a also a mum to the Cutest Baby On The Whole Of The Instagram.

So how on earth does she do it all?

A big part of comes back to the nitty gritty details of her home life – which she shares with her husband, Hamish Blake, and their two-year-old son, Sonny.

Like how her and Hamish occasionally sleep in separate bedrooms, so they can both get a good night’s sleep. The night before Zoe came into the Mamamia office, promoting her latest shiny book, Amazing-er Face (an updated version of her beauty bible Amazing Face) they did just that.

“I engineered it so my husband was in the spare room. We’re both pretty tired at the moment and exhausted, and he tends to snore when he does that. So I kicked him out knowing that I’d need my brain today,” she tells Holly Wainwright in the latest episode of I Don’t Know How She Does It.

Another thing that helps her get sh*t done, is that the family have a tight-knit night-time routine.


“Hame will get home about 6.45-6.30, and he’ll take over bath, and getting Sonny to bed, and then I’ll have dinner on the table… I’ll be buzzing… ‘It’s ready! Put him to bed already, no more stories!!!’ ’cause I am starving by then. He’s like, ‘eat without me’, but I’m like, ‘No, it’s so important that we eat dinner together.’ So we have a glass of wine, we eat dinner, and we talk about our day.” she explains.

Zoe says that after dinner, once they begin to unwind, and Sonny has had a bath and is tucked up in bed, they watch TV – just like everyone else.

But the question on everyone’s lips, what is it that they tune into?

“Heaps of things! We love Veep, we love House of Cards, we love Better Call Saul. Survivor, Bachelor, Bacherlorette. Good reality TV, if that’s not an oxymoron. And then Netflix stuff, like Lady Dynamite, which is excellent. We veer towards comedy,” she says.

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And as disciplined as she is in so many areas of her life (you would have to be to achieve as much as she has in her 35 years) there is one time when she allows herself to bend the rules a little bit…when Hamish is away.

“I kind of love the Sonny and I time, Hamish was away all last week for work, and…we just cheated a bit. Like, I didn’t give him a bath, we had porridge for dinner…and I sort of loved it, you know? We just broke a few of the rules. My own rules by the way, not Hamish’s,” she explains.

Hear the full episode of Zoe’s I Don’t Know How She Does It below, and find out more, like, her best beauty tips for busy women and what technology has taught her about time management. 

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