Zoe Foster Blake has found a genius cat-walking invention. And it looks amazing.

While dogs enjoy regular walks with their owners, cats are much more inclined to do their own thing, with some rarely venturing outside the house at all.

But that’s all about to change, thanks to a genius invention brought to our attention by Zoe Foster Blake and her cat Meowbert.

Enough of this domestic dungeon, he said, I need to see the world! You’ll regret saying that, I thought.

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Meet the bubble-window-travel-backpack for your pet aka the accessory every cat owner will want to purchase. Immediately.

“Enough of this domestic dungeon, he said. I need to see the world! You’ll regret saying that, I thought,” Foster Blake captioned the photo of her and ‘Bert’ taking it out for a spin.

We can’t tell who is more excited.

It may have just been a “ridiculous cat carrier” husband Hamish Blake bought as a joke, the photo sent cat lovers into a frenzy.


Clearly chuffed with his purchase. Image: Snapchat/Zoe Foster Blake

"OMG","I need one for [insert pet's name]" and "life goals" comments were left in their hundreds.

Fortunately for them, we've tracked them down.

Available from US online store U-Pet, the pet carriers are available in a range of styles, designs and colours, starting from around $173.

Christmas shopping - done.


Want. Need. Image: U-Pet

More than just a carrier for walks, the genius invention is also a mobile pet bed, in-cabin airplane carrier, and car seat all in one.

It has mesh panels and ventilation holes and the bubble window can be swapped with open or mesh inserts.

Loves Easter/dressing up/me.

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Even better, the site currently has free shipping to Australia.

It's meant to be, right?

Image: Instagram/@zotheysay