How Zoe Foster-Blake is as successful as she is.

Image: Instagram (@zotheysay)

Zoe Foster-Blake is quite the all-rounder, juggling a whole wardrobe of hats — skincare company founder, author, beauty guru and Insta-comedian to name just a few.

The Go-To Skincare CEO recently spoke to the Samantha Wills Foundation, which aims to connect and empower women in business, to dispense her career secrets and share a few home truths.

The first? There’s no such thing as work-life balance, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“It’s unrealistic and unhelpful to pressure yourself into believing you must maintain some magical threshold or else you’re somehow failing. I do the best I can, with the best intentions, to the best of my ability,” she said.

“My life is a gorgeous feast of my son and husband, my work, my business, my writing, my friends, family and self-care (exercise or rest), and I love all elements, and need all of them, and do my best to enjoy and be present in all of them, whenever and however it’s possible.”

Watch: Zoe Foster Blake gives husband Hamish Blake a makeover. (Post continues after video.)

As well as supportive team who understand the unpredictable demands of a baby, she has a very special (and delicious) formula for her success — and yes, it does involve the odd glass of vino.

“I am too hard on myself, unnecessarily conscientious probably, which could be viewed as a negative, but I believe it’s what got me to where I am today. That and self-discipline. And coffee. And croissants. Also, wine,” she said.

While many people finding focussing on their career can negatively impact their relationships with their partners and family, it’s the opposite for the Foster-Blakes.

“My husband’s unwavering support and enthusiasm and belief in me makes me feel like I am invincible, and when we got together, thats when I really started to bloody go for it,” she said. (Where can we find our own Hamish?) (Post continues after gallery.)


Far from limiting her work, Foster-Blake actually believes becoming a mum has made her stronger and tougher.

“Now that I’m a mother, it takes more than just work to make me fall in a heap. I’m stronger and more resilient in a lot of ways. (Better at hangovers and no sleep, for example.) So when I do lose my shit it’s usually a motley combination of tiredness, hormones and workload,” she said.

With a whole load of career and life goals under her belt, the 35-year-old also has some wise words for her 21-year-old self (and those looking to pursue a career in the industry) about being confident and kicking ass.

"Now I'm a mother, I’m stronger and more resilient in a lot of ways."

"No one is thinking about you. They’re thinking about their shit. So stop imagining that everyone or in fact anyone cares about what you’re doing/wearing/saying. You’re funny, and curious, and determined, and smart, and young, with a fantastic, fit little body: utilise these blessings every day," she said.

"Figure out what your superpower is, whatever you’re really good at and love doing, (Selling? Cooking? Organizing? Making people feel better?), then create a dream career based on that. But as you work on this dream, keep your day job. Don’t expect your passion to earn you a living; it’s unfair and unreasonable. It may, and very well could down the track, but it’s not a given."

And a reality check we could all probably have done with? "If a boy seems to be mistreating you, or being dodgy, or your gut is whispering to you that he a skunk, then listen, because he is. Also: buy some shares in Google and Apple." Noted.

Do you think there's such thing as work-life balance?