Zoe Foster Blake's 5 tips for getting out of a makeup rut.

Image: Instagram.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of looking at people we consider beauty experts and feeling a little envious about how “put together” they always look.

Beauty guru and creator of skincare company Go-ToZoe Foster-Blake, would like you to know that even the pros come up against a wall sometimes.

Last month after going through a “makeup rut”, the 35 year old decided to take action, got a fab haircut, and of course, took to Instagram to share all her findings.

Phase 1

1. Skin first

The first thing Foster-Blake tackled? Her skin. After all, if your base is healthy and glowing, the rest will feel that little bit better too.

“Skin ruts are a thing. It’s when your skin looks and feels dehydrated and dull and uneven in tone and just a bit shit. I’m in one so I booked a big clean out and juice/brighten up with my skin wizard, who I trust to keep my skin strong and supple,” she wrote on Instagram.

Image: Instagram

2. Treat(ment) yourself.

Foster-Blake was prescribed a Dermafusion which involved a trio of facial treatments designed to target the areas causing concern.

"My Dermafusion involved very gentle microdermabrasion, a lactic peel (40 per cent for me but different for everyone) then a sonophoresis infusion (an ultrasound machine that gives 1000x better product penetration than using hands) of Vitamin C to brighten the skin. It restored glow immensely, and I will be back in three weeks for another," explained Foster-Blake. (Looking to lighten and brighten up your makeup? We've got just the dewy tutorial. Post continues after video.) 


If you're unsure exactly what is causing that 'eh' factor, going to a professional will help you identify and allow you to work on it with in-salon or at-home treatments. It's often also just about feeling pampered, so even if it's a quick face mask before bed can help. (Post continues after gallery.)


Phase 2

The second and final phase of mission: "bust-a-rut" consisted of a serious makeup revamp to finally end Foster-Blake's frustrating makeup problems.

"I'm sick of wearing the wrong shade of foundation, or something that makes my skin look dry and crinkly, and BB creams that are too matte, and CC creams that don't pull their weight, and just feeling like no matter how tanned I am or how bright my complexion is from all the anti-pigmentation products I use, I've got it wrong," she wrote in her second Instagram update.


3. Try something new

By definition, a rut is a habit that's dull, so introducing new products or rediscovering old favourites is a sure fire way to boost and excite, as Foster-Blake found after a quick trip to Mecca Cosmetica.

Of course she gave us a sneak peek into her shopping basket.

For coverage that actually works Foster-Blake picked up Nars Tinted Moisturiser ($62) for everyday and Nars Sheer Glow ($65) for "Fancy Times", By Terry Tea to Tan Liquid Bronzer ($127) to create the ultimate sunkissed glow and the Nars blush duo ($65) in Fervor which she plans to wear as an eyeshadow too - genius!

Foster-Blake looking pretty happy with herself. Image: Instagram.

4. Get professionally colour matched

The easiest way to avoid 'ill-fitting' makeup products is to make sure you're going for the right and most flattering shade.

"'If you're in a makeup rut, might be time for an update, and a current colour match. Skin changes constantly! Tone and texture and type," she advises on Instagram.

"Wearing these products - colour matched and appropriately radiant for my dehydrated skin - my complexion looks like mine, but better, and THAT, ladies and worms, is the ultimate."

5. Don't go it alone

Our number one takeaway from this? Don't be afraid to ask for help - sometimes it takes a recommendation here and a tip there to pull you out of your makeup rut even if you consider yourself an 'expert'. And that first time out feeling and looking fabulous? Priceless.

Are you in a makeup rut? What are your tips for breaking out of it?

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