Zoe Foster Blake's mum gave her the most meaningful gift and it barely cost a thing.

It seems writer, TV-series-creating-dynamo and mum Zoe Foster Blake has a penchant for something many of us do: positive affirmations.

If you’re a die-hard fan/stalker like I am, you would’ve noticed a beautiful post on the 36-year-old’s Snapchat last night.

“From mum,” the Wrong Girl creator captioned the photo of a piece of laminated card, adding: “To read each morning as brushing teeth.”

“She’s the best.”

Image: Zoe Foster Blake/Snapchat @Zingus

The present is a lovely piece about approaching each new day.

"As I move through this day, things may happen that could challenge me," it reads. "Conversations, information, and things will happen. These events just remind me that even if it is not helpful when some thought, feeling or event happens, and it is upsetting, it helps direct me to its opposite, this is what I DO want in my life!"

This isn't the first time we've heard about Zoe's love of uplifting sayings, either. It turns out the skincare aficionado has been an avid fan for years.

In July, Zoe shared with her Instagram followers that the phrase "holy shit you look amazing" has been stuck below her bathroom mirror since she was 'a single woman many years ago'.


"[This] ALWAYS lifted my mood," Zoe wrote. "That’s why we now give away stickers saying this exact thing at @gotoskincare. It’ll lift your mood every time you brush your fangs/do your face/gently wash your baby wombat in the sink, I promise you."

"...Make your own with kids stickers, or lipstick or a whiteboard marker on the mirror, (or blood if you’re a bit spooky), but DO do it, cos it’s fun and as I may have mentioned, quite mood-lifty."

Well then, has anyone got some spare lippy they don't mind seeing scrawled all over glass? I have a personal art project I'm looking to complete ASAP.

Let a gal know.

For more of Zoe's daily rituals, from beauty to parenting, listen to I Don't Know How She Does It:

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