There was precisely one person who wasn't a fan of Zoë Foster Blake's Logies dress.

Zoë Foster Blake’s dress at Sunday night’s 59th TV Week Logie Awards was absurdly stunning.

The one-shoulder floral gown by Australian designer Con Ilio looked like it was only ever created to be worn by Foster Blake at this precise moment in her second pregnancy.

It was a major night for the 36-year-old, given that the TV adaptation of her book The Wrong Girl, for which she was an associate producer, was nominated for several awards. The star of the show, Jessica Marais, was even up for the Gold Logie.

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But there was one person who didn’t care about a) her dress, or b) her big night.

His name is Sonny Blake, and he is two years old.

You see, Sonny probably isn’t allowed to watch The Wrong Girl. He’s too small. He was even banned from the set early on when the scenes became somewhat inappropriate.

In an Instagram post on Monday, alongside a photo of Foster Blake and her husband Hamish, the writer and cosmetics entrepreneur wrote that Sonny said she looked “scary” in her Logies dress.


“Even if my feet hate me today, and Sonny said I looked ‘scary,’ I had fun at the Logies last night,” she wrote.

If that’s not the truest reaction to a toddler seeing their mum dressed up, I don’t know what is.

But in Sonny’s defense, he has other things on his mind.

Speaking to Yahoo Be on the Logies red carpet, Foster Blake discussed how Sonny might react to becoming a big brother.

“We’re very aware that he’s had one hundred per cent love from two people for three years,” she said. “I think I’m just going to take it as it comes… it’s good a thing to have siblings.”

She also explained that Sonny has absolutely no idea when to expect a baby brother or sister. “It’s hard for them because they don’t understand time,” she said. “He’s like, ‘Is it tomorrow, when?’ I think he’s excited.”

Despite the superglue now permanently bonding our heads together, we remain upbeat.

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Sunday night ended up being a particularly memorable night for both Zoë Foster Blake and Hamish, with two cast members of The Wrong Girl winning Best Actress (Jessica Marais) and Best New Talent (Rob Collins).

Hamish and Andy also aired the first promo of their new TV show True Story, which will see well-known Australian actors and comedians act out the true stories of everyday people.

And in no time, they’ll have TWO adorable babies to remind them that even in your proudest moments, a small child with a limited vocabulary can wreak havoc on your self-esteem.