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1. Accused killer drank and smoked cannabis with mother of 11-year-old schoolgirl before her death.

In the hours before Zoe Buttigieg was raped and murdered the man accused of the brutal crime drank heavily with her mother and smoked cannabis.

Zoe Buttigieg, 11, was found dead in her Inchbold Street home in Wangaratta at 11am on October 25 last year.

Bowe Maddigan who is charged with the murder of Zoe is said to have joined Zoe’s mother, Janelle Saunders, and others in an all nighter of binge drinking and smoking cannabis that lasted until 7am on the morning of Zoe’s rape and murder.

Mr Maddigan was arrested after being found walking barefoot along the Hume Freeway on October 24 last year, and has been charged with murder and two counts of sexual assault.

A court heard that Ms Saunders met Mr Maddigan, who had recently been released from prison, just a week earlier through a mutual friend.

She described him as “very deep” and “artistic”.

The Herald Sun reports that Zoe’s mother said Maddigan had been talking rapidly and jumping from topic to topic in the hours before the alleged murder.

Ms Saunders told the court that on the morning her daughter was raped and murdered she went to bed at 7am after drinking bourbon and coke for almost 12 hours.

Her daughter was found dead four hours later.

Maddigan has pleaded not guilty. His lawyer told the court he would use the defence he was mentally impaired at the time the 11-year-old was killed.

2. Australian born Islamic State recruiter Neil Prakash killed in air strike.

Neil Prakash, Australia’s most wanted Islamist miltant has been killed in an American air strike in Iraq.

Senior US officials have told the Australian Government that the 24-year-old Islamic State fighter and recruiter was killed in the city of Mosul last Friday.

Prakash he had been linked to the planning of several terror attacks on home soil. He had been on the Americans’ hit list for more than a year.

A senior security official has told the ABC removing Prakash was a big breakthrough.

“His death disrupts and degrades Islamic State’s ability to recruit vulnerable people in our community to conduct terrorists acts,’’ News Limited reports the official said.

Another Australian – the sister of 15-year-old Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar – who killed police accountant Curtis Cheng last year has also been killed in a US air strike in Syria on April 22, alongside her Sudanese-born terrorist husband.

Shadi Jabar Khalil Mohammad, aged in her 20s left the family home in Sydney and travelled to the Middle East the day before her younger brother murdered Curtis Cheng.

“These incidents remind us that Australians who engage in terrorist activity and move into overseas conflict zones are placing themselves and others at significant risk,’’ the official said.


3. Sydney hit with outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease.

Central Sydney has been hit with another outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease.

A person is in a critical condition and two others were admitted to hospital last week.

It is the second time in several months.

In February legionella bacteria was found in 13 building cooling towers, eight people were hospitalized and an elderly man, with another medical condition, died.

This outbreak has affected an elderly man and two younger women, all who work in the CBD in an area bounded by Margaret, George, King and Kent streets.

The Daily Telegraph reports that NSW Health’s Communicable Diseases Branch, Vicky Sheppeard has advised people who live, or have recently visited or worked in the new outbreak areas who develop symptoms to immediately visit the GP.

“The time from exposure to the onset of symptoms is typically between two to 10 days, so people who were exposed could have symptoms already or develop them over the next week,” Dr Sheppeard said.

4. Bronwyn Bishop fires warning shot at Tony Abbott.

Former speaker Bronwyn Bishop has formally farewelled Parliament, speaking at the House of Representatives, but Mrs Bishop while saying she was proud of her achievements dropped a bombshell saying she was forced to step down as speaker to protect Mr Abbott and that there was more to the saga than meets the eye.

“I was asked to resign to protect Tony Abbott, someone whom I had assisted and worked with and respected for many years,” she said.

“There is much more than meets the eye in that saga, but not for now.”

Ms Bishop spoke of how she blazed a trail for women in politics and said she regrets her decision not to run in the leadership contest of 1994.

Ms Bishop said her departure from Parliament is not the end.

“It is simply a change of course and I look forward to serving further.”

5. Blue Ribbon ice cream recalled.

Ice cream manufacturer Unilever has recalled its 1.25L and 2L tubs of Blue Ribbon ice cream as they may contain pieces of plastic that pose a safety risk.

The recall affects all Blue Ribbon flavours in the 1.25L and 2L tubs sold throughout retail stores across Australia.

The pieces of plastic found their way into the ice cream via machinery during the production process a spokeswoman said in a statement.

“We have undertaken a full investigation of the issue and reviewed our quality assurance measures. We have implemented a number of measures to address the issue and are confident the steps we have taken have rectified the problem.”

Products with best before dates between April 27, 2018 and April 28, 2017 were affected.


Consumers are advised not to eat the affected products and should return empty ice-cream tubs to the place of purchase for a full refund.

6. Rapist has sentenced reduced as his rape “was at the lower end of the range of seriousness” because it only lasted 10 seconds.

 Rapist has sentenced reduced as his rape “was at the lower end of the range of seriousness” Via IStock.

A 22-year-old chef from Chile who raped a woman at a party in Brunswick East in 2013 has had his sentenced reduced by a year as he only had sex with the victim for 10 seconds.

The Age reports the chef lay beside his victim before touching her and having sex with her during an attack lasting between 10-15 seconds.

The victim said she thinks chef suddenly stopped raping her when she moved her body and turned to look at him.

His first trial in April 2015 ended in a hung jury and after the Immigration Department cancelled his visa  he was sent to Christmas Island detention centre for four months until his second trial began when he was found guilty of two counts of rape and jailed for five years with a minimum of three years.

Court of Appeal Justices Robert Osborn and Phillip Priest agreed it was a manifestly excessive sentence and reduced to four years' jail with a minimum of two years.

Justice Osborn said the sentencing judge was correct to accept that the rape was at the lower end of the range of seriousness because of the very short duration and extent of the incident in question.

"As the applicant [the chef] submits, the victim made clear in her evidence in chief that the entire offending was over in a matter of seconds," Justice Osborn said.

7. Uncle to plead not guilty not guilty in murder case.

A 27-year-old man accused of stabbing his wife's niece and dumping her body in a NSW blowhole will plead not guilty to murder.

Derek Barrett, 27, was charged after international student Mengmei Leng was discovered naked floating face down at Snapper Point on the Central Coast last month. The student had suffered more than 30 stab wounds.

Mr Barrett's lawyer Bill Whitby said he was pleading not guilty.

Ms Leng was last seen catching the train home to the Sydney suburb of Campsie on April 21, where she lived with her 48-year-old aunt and Mr Barrett.

8. Trump set for Republican nomination after remaining rival pulls out.

Donald Trump is now all but certain to be the Republican party's US presidential nominee after his last rival in the race, John Kasich, reportedly suspended his campaign.

Yesterday Trump's closest rival Ted Cruz pulled out of the race after being defeated in the Indiana primary.

Kasich abruptly canceled a planned press conference sparking speculation that he was calling it quits.

NBC News, CNN and the Associated Press reported that Kasich campaign sources revealed that the Ohio governor would suspend his campaign.

Despite being a popular governor, Kasich only won his home state.

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