Model Zoe Brock says there's one "confusing" thing she can't forget about Harvey Weinstein.

New Zealand actor and model Zoe Brock, who grew up in Australia, was 23 when she says she had her own terrifying experience with Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein.

Brock says she was seated next to Weinstein at Cannes Film Festival, almost 20 years ago. On Sunday night’s episode of 60 Minutes, she recounted the night she’s never forgotten.

“I thought he was creepy and I thought he was a pervert but I kind of felt he was a bit pathetic,” she told Tara Brown.

The night progressed to a number of locations, and eventually, Brock alleges she found herself in a taxi with Weinstein and two others, heading to Hotel du Cap. She says she was under the impression others were joining them, but the ‘group’ never came. After a few minutes, the two men with Weinstein left to “make some calls,” and it was at this point Brock claims she was “starting to realise something was wrong… and sobering up fast”.

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“It was sudden,” she says. “He just left the room… came back in naked. Just like that.”

According to Brock, Weinstein begged her to let him massage her, and for a moment, he rubbed her shoulders. But she quickly decided it wasn’t what she wanted, so shrugged his hands off her, and ran to the bathroom.

Brock says Weinstein chased her and banged on the door.

She told Brown she yelled through the door that his behaviour was “unacceptable,” and told him, “put your clothes on you naughty, naughty boy”.

When Brock came out of the bathroom, she alleges Weinstein was sitting on the bed in a robe. “I was furious, and he started to cry, and that was bizarre,” she said. But it was at this point he made a statement Brock says “confuses me to this day”.

“He said, ‘you don’t like me because I’m fat’.”

“In that moment,” Brock recalls, “I kind of had this compassionate flash, of ‘oh… maybe he just felt so insecure and unattractive’.”

Brock says she then demanded Weinstein organise for her to get home, and claims Weinstein was apologetic.

She says she arrived at her hotel at 3.30am, and triple-locked the door behind her.

Speaking to RadioLIVE in New Zealand this week, Brock said: “Everyone in Hollywood knew, and anyone who says that they didn’t I call a liar. Everyone knew. Men and women, everyone enabled this.”

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