The clue that has fans convinced Married at First Sight's Alex and Zoe have had their baby.

Fans are convinced that Married At First Sight star Alex Garner has hinted at the birth of his first child with partner Zoe Hendrix on Friday night.

At first glance, the post is innocent. It includes his and Zoe’s head shot photos side-by-side from their time on the controversial reality show’s first season on Channel 9.

Alex wrote: “I always wondered what would of happen if they had of matched me with someone else.???? I got really lucky and look where we are now @zoehendrix ..It’s crazy!!!!”

In this case, it is not the text that is the clue, but the cryptic baby bottle emoji placed at the end of the caption. With Zoe well past her due date, could it be that Zoe and Alex’s baby is finally here?

Fans certainly think so, and they have gone into meltdown in the comments.

“Bub is definitely here !!!!!!!” wrote one excited follower.

“Has the baby cooooommmeeee???” asked another.

“Please put us out of our misery… I’ve never checked someone’s Instagram so much,” begged a fan.

One commenter said she was convinced “bub is here” but suggested the couple “could be waiting for exclusive photos”.

The couple announced their pregnancy earlier this year and they have been sharing their journey on social media ever since.

Mark our words, we will be watching this space very, very closely.

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