The Ziplock bag trick that we never saw coming.

Here’s how to double the storage space in your fridge with one simple trick. 

What’s with the kitchen, kids and zip-lock bags? You’ve never used so many – half an orange, half an avocado, endless uneaten sandwich quarters…

Slate says we’ve been Ziplock bagging food ALL WRONG and has introduced a “game changer” into the food storage process. Gone are the days when we hastily stuff the kiddies’ lunch in to the plastic package and close the top, as assumed.

Slate Assistant Editor L.V Anderson heralds a new technique which will make the storage of virtually any kind of food easier and more efficient. So here we present the step by step process to correctly closing Ziplock bags and removing all that air.

1. Place food items in the bag and close the zip leaving a 3 centimetre gap in the middle.

2. Place your mouth over the small gap in the zip and suck the air out.

3. Quickly close the gap and voilà - sealed, airless food storage!

Disclaimer: we personally do not recommend using this technique when zip lock bagging onions and other smelly items.

Watch the video here…

Will you do this?

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