Former Bachelor contestant gets a make-under so she can be taken seriously.

Former The Bachelor contestant Zilda Williams has ditched the blonde bombshell look for a more demure style, getting a breast reduction and swearing off Botox so people would take her more seriously.

The 33-year-old contestant from season 3 of The Bachelor told New Zealand’s Sunday Star Times that she was tired of being “stereotyped as a Barbie”. She had an operation to reduce her double F sized breast implants to a double D and cut off her long, blonde hair.

Zilda before the breast reduction surgery. Image via Instagram.

"I chopped off the hair and got a breast reduction. I wanted to strip my image down a bit. I'm changing, I'm getting older and I want people to see me as I am."

Zilda even opened up about her motivations for the boob job in the first place, saying she regretted the choice "from the day she walked out of the clinic ten years ago."

But now, she's trying to turn her image around.

Zilda before and after her breast reduction surgery. Images via Instagram.

"I haven't had Botox in forever. I'm trying to be more serious and land a presenting or acting role."

Zilda confirmed to the Daily Mail Australia that she does, in fact, have a comedy series in the works with a "major Australian network", but she's not sure if it will go ahead.

What do you think about Zilda's new look?

Zilda has been made-under, but we're all partial to a good makeover. Watch Mamamia's Carla GS get a makeover using TooFaced cosmetics.

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