Oh, okay. So Zac Efron has a brother.

I have some news and it is a matter of urgency.

We all know Zac Efron. He has… he has the face. 

Ohh... hai

And also the body. And he is also a sexy dancer and sexy singer and sexy actor and seems genuinely funny which is very rare.

Recently, I interviewed him (I'm still suspicious of why anyone trusted me with that opportunity), and was profoundly disappointed when he didn't appear to fall in love with me and want to start our life together.

But guys, it's okay. 

Because now, it turns out he has a brother. Technically he's had a brother for 25 years, but the Daily Mail only told me yesterday which makes this new information.

"E-Zactly like his big brother!" read the headline, because a story isn't really a story without a pun. "Dylan Efron rivals the hunky Baywatch actor as he showcases his chiseled abs and buff arms in shirtless sailboat snap."

I didn't need to read the story. Because I'm not just here for Zac Efron's brother's abs. I'm also here for his face and various other physical features, as well as any indication his Instagram can give me of his personality.

He seems patient, as evidenced by this very nice image of him being violently attacked by his older brother:

#tbt a game of chicken into icy water. ???? @alexanderalexandrov

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He also does charity, so is kind:

Including volunteer work with animals:

Ruff day at work. Let's find lil Spearmint a home @wagspetadoption

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He was sad when his dog died in August last year:

I will miss you Pups. Thanks for growing up with me.

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And then there's the obvious plus of his face:

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I also like that he's had to grow up in the shadow of his very successful older brother. Surely that makes you humble. Or something.

According to my good friend www.google.com, Dylan graduated from university with an economics degree, which means he is smart. I don't really like economics but I do like money so I feel we'd get along in that respect.

He also wrote a poem about his brother when he was in Year 6, which is both sassy and sometimes rhymes.

All of this begs the question - what if Zac Efron wasn't the right Efron for me after all?

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