The ‘real’ reason Zac Efron dumped his Byron Bay girlfriend, and more in Celeb in 5.

1. The ‘real’ reason Zac Efron dumped his Byron Bay girlfriend makes him look like a proper knob.

It looks like we may know the reason Zac Efron broke up with Vanessa Valladares. And Zac doesn't exactly come off looking great. 

An unnamed source told US Weekly that the couple, who had been living together near Byron Bay, split because Zac is scheduled to fly to Canada in May to work on the film Firestarter, alongside Anne Hathaway for two months. 

"Zac is about to start a busy year of filming and wanted to make a clean break now," they told the publication. 

The source went on to say that the actor's "intense filming schedule" would mean he had to pay for a house that he’s not living in, which "wasn’t going to work for him".

Vanessa also isn't able to fly to Canada with him due to COVID-19 restrictions, which Zac is apparently "secretly relieved about" because "he feels she would be a distraction to him during the filming of the intense drama". 

"He felt it was best to end this now," they added.

A source also told People a similar story. 

"Zac broke things off with Vanessa recently. It just didn't feel right to him anymore," they said. 

"Zac will still stay in Australia. He just loves Australia so much... He is working and busy with several upcoming projects. He is happy, healthy and enjoying life."


Well, there we have it, the whirlwind love story of an American actor and an Aussie waitress has come to an end. 

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2. Beck from MAFS is still trying to defend that questionable kiss. 

Beck Zemek has more to say about that time she kissed an 'old flame' while still married to Jake Edwards on MAFS.

In case you missed all the drama, Beck was seen kissing another guy in a video she filmed while back home looking after her sick dog. However, when she was confronted with the video at the MAFS reunion in front of Jake she initially claimed it was... her brother.

During an Instagram Q&A on Sunday, Beck was asked the question "Do you believe you cheated on Jake?" And her answer was a bit... iffy. 

"In MAFS world yes! In the real world... no!" she replied.

Beck went on to say that while it was considered cheating in the experiment, she was no longer invested in the relationship, which is why she "wrote leave three times". 


Beck previously told 9Entertainment that at the time there "wasn't thought of anything sexual or of cheating".

"Obviously emotions were high, I haven't been home in months. We shared kind of like an exciting kiss when we initially saw each other and that was it," she told the publication. 

"Looking back at it I can see how one hundred per cent it was a betrayal of trust. At the time in my emotional state I didn't see it or think of it as cheating. That wasn't saying it crossed my mind that I slipped up."

3. The new Farmer Wants A Wife trailer has cheesed off every past farmer, and their wives.

Channel Seven have released their trailer for this season of Farmer Wants a Wife, and past contestants aren't too happy with the shows promise of "real love".

In an Instagram post on Sunday, FWAW wrote: "Real love is back. Your First Look at #FarmerAU rolls into @dancingau tonight from 7.00pm. See you then."

In the comments, one of last year's hopefuls, Liz Jelley wrote: "Oh cool, MAFS is back."


Liz hasn't shyed away from her dislike for the new-look show. 

"They treated us like absolute s**t," the 34-year-old told Kidspot last year.

"The whole thing was so staged and manipulated. It was a horrendous experience." 

Farmer Sam Reitano expressed a similar response, writing: "Hahah yay MAFS is on tv soon!" and we're disappointed in this revelation, but not surprised. 

Here's to hoping this season is more love and less drama. 

4. Who you can expect to meet in the Big Brother house tonight.

Big Brother is back tonight at 7.30pm on Seven, and oh boy, we're very excited. 

If the trailer gives any indication, this season is going to be bigger and better than ever, jam-packed with challenges and an eviction Every. Single. Night.

Of 55,000 applicants, 21 people were chosen to live in the Big Brother house. 

Here's where you can find them on Instagram, right now:


5. "Mr Brad Pitt, it's so nice to meet you." The 14 biggest moments from the 2021 Oscars.

It's finally happening. 

It's been a long year. We've had various stages of lockdown. A brief period where we sang to each other from our balconies and decided we were the virus, a longer period where we hoarded toilet paper and yelled at each other at Bunnings, and an even longer period where we ordered too much UberEats and questioned the direction of our lives while re-watching The Office... again. 

It was a bleak year with no international travel, no celebrities having cute lil' encounters backstage, and no inspirational speeches. 

But now they're back. 


We finally have our first real life, big frilly dress-wearing, emotional speech-giving ceremony. 

I mean, we're still on the couch, eating UberEats and re-watching The Office, but this is a start. 

This year's ceremony could be described as Oscars-light, and it feels a little bit like a high school graduation ball, but I like it. 

Here are the biggest moments from the 93rd Annual Academy Awards:

Emerald Fennell won Best Original Screenplay for Promising Young Woman.

Regina King opens the ceremony, announcing the winner for Best Original Screenplay. She's wearing a dress that could best be described as 'dystopian frill neck lizard feminist icon'. 

Emerald Fennell aka Camilla Parker Bowles aka Nurse Patsy from Call The Midwife wins for Promising Young Woman, and so she bloody should considering she filmed the movie over 23 days while she was seven months pregnant. 


"He's so heavy, and he's so... cold," she says at the beginning of her speech about the little gold man named Oscar. 

Fennell goes on to say that she hasn't prepared a speech but she did look over one she'd written when she was 10 years old. 

It was mostly about her thanking Morris from Saved from the Bell who was her imaginary boyfriend at the time. 


For more moments from the 2021 Oscars, read our earlier article here. 

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