Yumi Stynes has shared a message to the paparazzo who tried to intimidate her and her son.

Yesterday, Yumi Stynes was at home with her son at 4:40 in the afternoon when she realised there was a photographer waiting outside her house trying to get a photo of her.

She’s since shared her experience on Twitter and says the paparazzo managed to take photos of her without her permission, “intimidating” her and her son in the process.

The cookbook author and television commentator also shared a photo of the outfit she was wearing when it happened, alerting fans of the circumstances behind the photo if they were to see the images published.

“Some creep photographer was waiting outside my house at 4:40pm today. If you see a photo of me in this exact outfit in the press tomorrow it was taken without my permission in an intimidating way while I was alone with my 3-yo son. THIS IS HOW THEY SILENCE US #creeps,” she wrote.

While sharing paparazzi shots of celebrities goes against Mamamia’s editorial guidelines, several prominent Australian celebrities like Sam Frost and Georgia Love and Chrissie Swan have publicly denounced the actions of photographers and the lengths they go to in order to get ‘the shot’.

“For me, spotting the paps when I’m out and about is a real downer. Obviously I immediately have to get my kids out of there. And if I’m alone, I wait for the pics to be published and what nasty angle the news site will make up to accompany what are often really innocuous shots,” Swan told Mamamia in 2016.

“And the angle is always just made up. They always use the worst pics too!”

Frost also shared the feelings of paranoia and anxiety she feels as a result of being stalked by lurking lenses.

“Anytime I’m out in public, I am paranoid, anxious and cautious of everything I do just in case there is a pap lurking in the bushes, following me in their car or camping outside my house,” she told Mamamia.

“I’m not free to be myself anymore, which is heartbreaking for my family and friends to witness.”


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I’ll die if I don’t get an early night

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For Stynes, this is a particularly difficult week. Since speaking out against Studio 10’s Kerri-Anne Kennerley and her remarks against anti-Australia Day protests , the Zero F*cks Cookbook author has shared the offensive and threatening messages she’s received from online trolls.


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“How about you apologise for firstly being born?”

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However, one thing is for sure: Stynes isn’t the type of woman to put up with this kind of behaviour – delivered virtually, or otherwise.

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