Once upon a time, Sophie Monk ripped into Yumi Stynes on national TV.

Cast your minds back to the early 2000s.

Ugg boots were an outdoor footwear, pleated denim skirts were hanging from hips across Australia, and butterfly clips were still a must-have item.

The music scene was split in two. There were rock dogs and pop stars. Everyone knew their place.

And then along came Sophie Monk, fresh from Bardot, ready to drop her seminal solo project Calendar Girl and, seemingly against all odds, with a part-time hosting gig at Channel V.

sophie monk the bachelorette
What a time to be alive. Source: YouTube

At the time, Yumi Stynes was "top dog" at the youth channel, a music reporter with exactly no time for fluff... until Monk made her eat her words.


Speaking on her KIIS FM radio show this afternoon, the 41-year-old reminisced about the time the pop princess gave her a serve on air, and why her majesty Monk is going to be the best Bachelorette in Australian television history.

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"I've had a few people who are a bit torn about her position as the Bachelorette and I wanted to tell you a story that will help sell the idea," Stynes told her 3pm Pickup co-host Monty Dimond on Thursday.

"Fast forward to 2003 (or backwards) and Sophie, being sort of like the most charismatic of all the Popstars girls and probably the most famous at the time, too, she released a solo album called Calendar Girl.

"One of my jobs at Channel V was to review new music ... and previous to Sophie turning up I had reviewed her single 'Inside Outside'.

Seriously? Source: Getty

"I was always the rock chick - I wasn't that keen on pop music and I remember describing this song as, 'It's like eating styrofoam and pieces of string'."

As it turned out, Monk's family were Channel V fans and told her the song had been described as "a piece of garbage". Ouch.

"That's embarrassing! And I wasn't very used to be held accountable for the things that I said," Stynes said.

For those who've forgotten 'Inside Out', it went a little something like this (post continues)...

"So she turned up - she was co-hosting on Jabba's Morning Glory on Saturday mornings - and she turns up and she says, 'Guess what? I don't like this Yumi, she bagged me out and bagged out my song'.

"I was watching from home and my jaw hit the floor. She came onto my turf and had the front - and the courage - to really serve it up to me, and it was all stuff that was completely, like you could check it out and see, yeah, I had said that. Like, it was all real and I just went, 'She's pretty... cool?'"

Earlier in the show, Stynes and Dimond had decided to custom build the perfect Bachelorette and agreed 37-year-old Monk fit the bill exactly.

Big boobies, charisma, a sense of humour and just "a little bit nuts".

Basically, Sophie Monk to a tee.

You can listen to the clip in full on the 3pm Pickup podcast.