These glitter boots from Paris Fashion Week are exactly what the world needs right now.

When I was a 12-year-old doused in Spice Girls‘ Impulse spray, I was certain a pair of pink, sparkly jelly sandals could have the ability to make me happier/win me more friends/change my life for the better.

It seems the entire planet feels the same way about Saint Laurent’s glitter boots that walked down the Paris Fashion Week runway leaving a trail of rainbows and the kind of face-breaking smiles you just can’t contain in their wake.

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Part of the French fashion house's Autumn/Winter offering, they're really nothing hugely groundbreaking. 

The love child of a disco ball and glitter nail polish, they're the kind of boots I imagine girls who did Physi wore at eisteddfods.

The kind of boots you pulled out of your "dress up" box as a kid and marvelled at, but damn, they're exactly what we all needed.

♥️♥️ Disco boots ???????? #yslboots #ysl

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A bit of glitter. A bit of fun. A bit of that "everything's going to be okay" mentality manifested into shoe form.

And the world has embraced them as though they're the only public bathroom stall for 10 kilometres with toilet paper left.

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I firmly believe that if everyone was walking around in a pair of these, world peace could be possible.

Or at the very least, there would be a few more cheesy grins exchanged between strangers.

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Would you wear a pair of these?

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