They suffered a very public miscarriage. Now Sam and Nia are pregnant again.

Youtube Bloggers Sam and Nia are expecting again.

Nothing gets in the way of a vlogger announcement.

Not a heartbreaking miscarriage, not an awkward cheating accusation, via the Ashley Madison leak, not a tsunami of criticism from naysayers.

For prolific American family vloggers Sam and Nia, who suffered all of this in recent months, they have just kept on going, with another ‘adorable’ video announcement.

Two months after telling the world that they were pregnant, and then that they suffered a miscarriage, they took to their YouTube channel to announce that Nia is 8 weeks pregnant with their third child.

The christian couple made the announcement via their video, “Son Shocks Mom With Pregnancy Announcement” where they documented telling their mothers by putting an actual bun in the actual oven.

Watch the announcement here:

Video via Sam and Nia

Sam and Nia made headlines in August with their video ‘Husband tells wife she is pregnant.’ Sam discovered Nia was pregnant by secretly testing her urine from an un-flushed toilet. At the time, the video caused controversy on social media with some people saying it was invasive, while others agreed it was delightful.

However just days later they uploaded a devastating video announcing that Nia had suffered a miscarriage.

When asked if they would share news of a pregnancy so early again, Same said yes. “We believe life begins at conception and we believe it’s to be celebrated right away. We don’t believe it’s something to be hidden … we were excited right away and we wanted to share that with our fans.”

And he’s been true to his word.

And the month following the tragic announcement, Sam admitted he had signed up to cheating website Ashley Madison.

Sam and Nia.

But the couple have put their bad two months behind them.

Speaking exclusively to People, Sam said ‘there’s definitely some anxiety unlike we’ve ever experienced,’ however the couple and their two kids are ‘definitely excited.’

Of course, we wish them all the best.

Would you announce your pregnancy at eight weeks?