Man plays prank on girlfriend for their anniversary, fails terribly.

PSA: Pranks about cheating on your partner are not and will never be funny. Ever.

That’s something Youtuber Josh Paler Lin found out the hard way when he attempted to surprise his girlfriend on their anniversary.

Paler Lin, who has nearly two million subscribers on his channel, posted the video to his account two days ago and already it has amassed over 427,000 views.

Image via Youtube/JoshPalerLin.

The two and a half minute video begins with American Paler Lin telling us he's arrived in Paris one day early to surprise his long-distance girlfriend. He tells us he's set up cameras in his girfriend's apartment and he will Skype her to throw her off.

"I'm going to ask her to go on Skype in a bit but then I'm going to hack the live camera on Skype and put a pre-record video on it. Let's see how she'll react. Sorry babe!" Paler Lin said.

Image via Youtube/JoshPalerLin.

We then see his girlfriend get home and start to cook when she answers the pre-recorded Skype call from Paler Lin. The Youtuber then tells her his internet connection isn't really working when we see a scantily clad blonde walk behind him.


Plaer Lin's girlfriend, understandably, asks him, "who's that? Who's there?" Then the blonde, who is actually model Dajana Gudic, see's he's skyping his girlfriend and the pair get in a row and hang up.

Image via Youtube/JoshPalerLin.

Paler Lin's girlfriend is left confused by the ordeal as she tries to call her boyfriend back so he can explain himself.

It's that moment Paler Lin decides to ring the doorbell and surprise his girlfriend, who doesn't greet him too warmly.

Same gal, same. Image via Youtube/JoshPalerLin.

Youtube user ox!gne called Paler Lin out on the prank saying, "Sorry but you can't make a woman cry, even if it's a joke."

Paler Lin's girlfriend looked relieved when he pointed out the camera's he'd set up, but we really hope he learnt his lesson.

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