Sorry, you're not Carrie Bradshaw's biggest fan. This guy is.

Oh, so you liked Sex In The City, you say?

Carrie Bradshaw’s biggest fan, you say?

Well shut it down girlfriend because you ain’t got nothing on this guy:

Meet Dan Clay, aka Carrie Dragshaw.

The handsome New Yorker came shimmering into being after Halloween this year, when his *flawless* Carrie Bradshaw costume went viral, even catching the attention of the real life Carrie herself, Sarah Jessica Parker.

“Oh my Lord!” she wrote. “Words cannot convey. A triumph. Xxx”

Since his first turn as Ms Bradshaw, Dan has taken on some of Carrie’s most iconic Sex And The City looks, with his Instagram account gathering over 10,400 followers.

His attention to detail is ASTOUNDING.

It can be hard out there for a single girl, but there are a few words that provide instant comfort: “Vogue September Issue,” “2-for-1 Cosmopolitans,” “Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale,” and “Perfect First Date Follow-Up.” PFDFU. It’s flirty and funny. Easy, breezy, and cool. He’s clearly into it and you’re like a pair of purple control top pantyhose: fun and holding it all together. It takes you right back to that perfect first date, when the conversation flowed effortlessly, the spark lit instantly, and the first kiss felt like fate. As you flirt on the phone, you float on a cloud that seems to sparkle from the inside, and for a moment you forget your baggage, you forget your past, you forget how many times you’ve felt this feeling before but it failed to last…and you smile. I couldn’t help but wonder: Maybe love is like a mobile phone. When you have a good connection, you’ve just got to keep talking and hope for the best. #CarrieDragshaw

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He even kind of looks like her…

Like, where did he even FIND that dress?

In a city as big as New York, we have more than one of everything. Two baseball teams. Two ballet companies. And three newspapers–each with different readers. Journal readers go to conferences, Times readers go to benefits, and Post readers go to bed with you. And they all wanted to go to Augustine. At the corner of “See” and “Be Seen,” Augustine was the Manhattan restaurant of the moment, and since Samantha was running PR for their soft opening we had a hard-to-get table for four. And we had something to celebrate: that magical moment in girl friends’ lives when you’re all single at the same time. But as I made my way to our overdressed and undersexed table, I couldn’t help but wonder: were we like that hot reservation that everyone wanted but no one could get? Or were we that old has-been restaurant that everyone forgot? Extra! Extra! Four single women! Were we hot off the presses or yesterday’s news? Whatever we were, we’d be it together. #carriedragshaw

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And he even captions all the pictures with actual quotes from the Sex And The City episode it was taken from.

Dan Clay, we salute your commitment to our beloved Bradshaw.

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