Your Sh*tty Family is possibly the best Instagram account of all time.

How do you find joy in the monotony of every day life? By uploading your family messages to Instagram, obviously.

Cue @yourshittyfamily, the Instagram account with close to 830,000 followers behind it.

Taking the ordinarily mundane conversations between family members and making them truly great, the account posts the crème de la crème of interactions, with mums and dads proving they’re the truly great comedians of this world.

Mums, the unsung heroes of comedy. Source: Instagram.

From the grandma that requests their grandchild "bring a doobie" over, to the mother asking "what does "word" mean when people say that?", the account is filled with the stuff of Christmas get together dreams.

Sex talk with mum versus dog getting cute for bar's return. Source: Instagram.

Combining two things that parents love more than any children (communication and modern technology) the Instagram is a shuddering child's and hip baby boomer's delight. They're hip, they're with it. They know what's up.

Dad needs to learn how to spell emojis before trying to recreate them, and mum asks a pretty legitimate question that we're all curious to know the answer to. Source: Instagram.

Sadly there's only just over 400 posts to the account. Like chocolate and French cheese before it, once you've started this binge, you're going to want more.

But they are open to submissions, so if you have a particularly hilarious mum/dad/sister/brother/aunt/uncle/grandma/grandpa/great aunt Bertha that is killer on the old text line, you should definitely tag @yourshittyfamily in your next screenshot post.

Real talk. Source: Instagram. 

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