"Do you want me to tell you your husband kissed me on the lips?"

Your husband kissed me.

It was at your house, just the other day.

He kissed me on the lips. As he did it he looked at me with an intent in his eyes that threw me.

It was an intent that didn’t say “whoops sorry that wasn’t meant to happen” but almost seemed to say” I’m not sorry at all” or at least thats how I read it.

I didn’t want him to kiss me. I have no interest in your husband. Whether he is interested in me though I can’t quite work out.

Your husband kissed me. Via IStock.

Should I tell you? Do you want to know? Is it too painful to hear, we all know there is a past that no one talks about, a history, that he’s done it before.

Would you laugh it off like I did at first. Could we giggle together at awkward encounters and silly mishaps? Would you hold my hand and say "gosh he's a fool" and then offer me a wine?

Or would you be floored?

An accidental kiss.

We’ve all been there right?

The setting was innocent enough. I was dropping my daughter at your house for rehearsal for her dance club. I was laden down with bags of sparkly costumes and I could hear Taylor Swift already blaring from the back room where the girls had gathered.

It was cold so the door was firmly shut and after we rang the bell we could hear voices from inside but it took a while for the door to answer. My daughter, excited and buzzing with energy pushed past me and ran to her friends. Your husband stood there blocking the way and greeted me, he took a bag from my hand and went to give me a kiss hello.

We’ve been friends for a while time now. We pass each other practically every day, in the street, at school, at the local cafe. There are BBQs in summer and drinks in winter.

We are all the kind of friends who kiss each other on the cheek. I kiss you hello as well.

Its what I thought he was going to do and then he didn’t.

We are all the kind of friends who kiss each other on the cheek hello. Via IStock

Was it an accident? Did he move one way while I moved another? I’m not sure, all I know is that one minute I was coming into your house and the next minute your husband was kissing me.

It was brief but it was still a kiss.

I jumped and frowned at him and tried to playfully bat him away in a that-was-bizarre movement but he just looked at me with an unconcerned stare.


He had kissed me on the lips and I wasn’t the only one to notice.

A fellow school mum who was trying to leave had approached from behind. She gave me one of those what-the-fuck-was-that-about looks and contorted her eyebrows in an oh-my-god-what-did-I-see-kind of way.

It was exactly how I felt.

I wanted to mouth to her "SLEAZE-BAG" but she turned away.

We’ve all accidentally kissed someone on the lips when we didn’t mean to. An older relative, a friend’s parent, a colleague, your crush when you were young (who maybe wasn’t so accidental at all...).

They zig and you zag and somehow your faces collide...

But this time I am not sure what went on.

If I did tell you would it bring up old worries and resentments? Via IStock.

Your husband has a history that no one talks about, an affair where you left him for a few months before patching things up for the sake of the kids.

Unfortunately things like that are hard to get over and if I did tell you would it bring up old worries and resentments? Would your newly built again trust in him take a hit. I don’t know if I want to do that to you.

Because it could have been just an accidental kiss you see. It could have been an awkward encounter, an unfortunate moment. It could have been totally innocent, a complete accident.

Or it could have been more..

I haven’t spoken to the other mother who saw the kiss. I don’t know what she thinks and I haven’t spoken to your husband again in case I made it into something it wasn’t.

I haven't' spoken to anyone of it.

But tell me, do you want to know?