Risk takers and "spectacular liars": How to spot a youngest born child in a crowd.

She walks into the room full of strangers and immediately she knows she will win them over.

She doesn’t strut with the overconfidence of someone trying to make up for a shortcoming, no she walks with the air of someone who has been doing this her whole life, someone for who winning over crowds is in her DNA. Who is she? She is the youngest child of three.

Yes today, we’re going on a last born hunt, outlining the ways in which you can easily spot and respond to someone whose place in the sibling line-up has given them some interesting traits to make up for the fact that they aren’t the holy firstborn, golden, wonder child who so enraptured their parents on arrival.

Nor are they the troubled middle child who, until you came along, were the coveted baby and so spent the rest of their lives plotting revenge on the smaller one who dethroned them.

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No, the last born sibling is the one who has the benefit of having one, maybe two that went before them, and who have well and truly broken in the parents. No longer are Mum and/or Dad concerned about what you put in your mouth or if you wandered off for a bit or even if you went to bed on time. As long as someone fed you and you weren’t bleeding and/or screaming, you were essentially fine.

To make up for this lack of parental interest in your wellbeing you command attention through the only avenue left available to you… performance.

Yes, the youngest child isn’t generally considered to be the smartest (that’s reserved for that super being that is the oldest), they aren’t even normally the strongest but they are the most charming.

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Take a glance around your friendship group. Can you see a comedian, an actor, a journalist? Do they work in sales or advertising? Then congratulations, it’s very likely that there’s a youngest child in your midst.


Due to their commanding childhood performances, Hollywood and the music scene almost can’t contain the amount of youngest siblings that are stuffed up in there - Cara Delevingne, Hilary Duff, Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Lawrence, Zoe Saldana, Michael B. Jordan, Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, they’re all the last of their line and their style and flair show it.

The Quicky speaks to three siblings and an expert to uncover whether the order you are born really does influence your personality. Post continues below. 

Younger siblings are also drawn to outdoor adventure and often make for great and sometimes even legendary athletes. 

In fact, it’s proven by science. A book written by Utah University professor Mark Williams called The Best: How Elite Athletes Are Made found that in the 33 sports they looked at in Canada and Australia, elite athletes were more likely to be later-born children.

Even when two siblings are drawn to the same sport it’s often the younger who will be more successful: think Venus and Serena Williams or myself and my older sister at Morphett Vale Youth Club gymnastics in the 1990s.

Why does this happen you ask? Well, probably because we feel a deep and burning desire to beat you at all the things. Because I don’t know? You took all of Mum and Dad’s love or something psychological like that and we’re desperately trying to get it back, even if that means winning 23 Grand Slams or a certificate at the South Australian regional gymnastic championships to prove we are worthy.

Youngests are excellent risk-takers. Mostly because they know they will always have someone to back them up in the end. Sorry Mum and Dad for draining your funds all those times and thanks for letting me move back home every time I’ve needed a buffer.

The youngest of three can also be spectacular liars and all that creativity and general need to test the authority figures that ignore us can go a little astray. Yep, younger siblings are reportedly more likely to rebel and find themselves in trouble but it’s cool, we can probably talk our way out of it in the end too.

So in summary, to spot a youngest, look out for the one with an overabundance of confidence, a sometimes unhealthy competitive streak and a fierce disrespect for anyone with authority. Aren’t we great!

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