You’ll never guess who this is

I received the following email from a MM reader the other day. With a link to this astonishing clip.

Jessica wrote:

Hi Mia,

I thought you might like to see this video of Lady Gaga when she was just known as Stephanie Germanotta. This video shows her performing at a open mic night/talent quest type event. I found it quite interesting to watch because of the distinct contrast between the songs she sings in this video (Captivated, Electic Kiss) and those she has released recently as Lady Gaga (Poker face, Just Dance, Bad Romance)

Seeing this video makes me think that the music she is doing know was pushed onto her by her record company and MAYBE not what she really wanted to do. I think this style suits her more and I would definetly have bought this cd and gone to see her live if those songs were released.

I also found the comparison to Norah Jones at the end (it was in 2005), quite interesting. I dont think that comparison would be made now.

What do you think of ‘Vintage Gaga’? (as she has been nicknamed)

And here she is now….

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