YOU fans have a creepy theory about the show's name and consider our minds blown. 

The conversations surrounding the television equivalent of Gossip Girl’s seedy older brother in a trench coat, Netflix’s YOU, have been vast and varied so far.

While most of us found ourselves hooked from episode one, we can all admit it is also undeniably creepy, problematic, full of god-awful characters and blinding plot flaws, including but not limited to the female lead Beck’s tendency to hang around in nothing but a towel in front of a curtainless window.

This seems… unrealistic, but we digress.

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The latest rhetoric surrounding the psychological thriller starring Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley is all in the name.


Seems pretty simple and self-explanatory, right? I mean, it is all about dusty bookstore lurker Joe channelling every ounce of his dark, depraved energy into stalking a woman who walked into his bookstore one day, to which he very chillingly greeted with an internal, “Hello, you.”

Well, according to the internet, if you say it out loud, the name all starts to make sense.

And boy is it disturbing.

(Yeah, we didn’t think it could get any worse, either.)



Yes Keyana. Yes it does.

(But we also can’t imagine she sent this message while standing in the street furiously masturbating in front of her friend’s window  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

People are collectively losing their sh*t over the discovery, with some sharing lost-in-translation text threads.



*We are actually aware that the program is based on a novel of the same name, and “I’m reading you” doesn’t quite have the same effect, but the internet has spoken.