Fans have a new theory about what really happened to Beck in Netflix's YOU.

Warning: This post contains massive spoilers for YOU season one. 


The internet has a theory pls.

You see, at the moment everyone is obsessed with Netflix’s creepy new series, YOU

The series follows Joe (Penn Badgley), a bookstore manager, who becomes obsessed with a poet and student named Beck.

Joe stalks Beck and they end up dating, but things don’t end well for the couple because, well, Joe kills Beck.

Lemme break it down for you.

After several months of dating, Beck learns the truth about Joe – i.e. that he’s killed several of her friends, is a psychopath etc etc. So, she tries to run away and he locks her in a glass box in the soundproof basement of the bookstore.

Beck eventually escapes and locks Joe in the box, but sticks around to give him a lecture about his stalkin’ and murderin’ ways.

The last time we see Beck, she’s attempting to unlock the basement door and Joe is coming up the stairs behind her.

We then flash forward to a few months in the future, where Joe has posthumously published Beck’s book about her experience with him.

So we assume Beck is dead, right?

Well… maybe not.

You see, right at the end of the last episode, Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candice turns up at the bookshop. The audience was always led to believe that Candice had suffered the same fate as Beck, but she’s actually alive and well.

Which has made some people on Twitter believe that maybe Beck isn’t actually dead after all.

I mean, we didn’t actually see Joe kill Beck and we never saw a body or anyone attending a funeral.

So it’s… possible.


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