Is this the TV show that proves how ignorant we are?

If you could ask someone anything, what would you ask?

Nothing offensive, of course. You don’t want anyone thinking you’re an asshole.

But what if your question was anonymous? Would that change things?

Listen: Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik talk about the questions you should never ask. Post continues below. 

The ABC has launched a show called You Can’t Ask That that we watched, mouth agape. The show sees Australians anonymously asking their burning questions, and nothing is off limits.

“Why are you so fat?”

“Is every sexual experience an orgy?”

“Is dwarf-tossing okay?”

'Oh my god Karen, you can't just ask someone why they're white.' Source: Paramount Pictures 

According to the ABC, this show is about breaking down stereotypes for members of marginalised communities. But to do that, it first gathers some of the most prejudiced and narrow-minded Australians it can find to serve up those stereotypes in a straight-to-the-point, no bullshit manner.


You ask, they tell.

So does this show prove just how ignorant Australians are?

After all, Aussies do have a reputation for casual racism...

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Video via ABC

On The Binge this week, Rosie Waterland says it fosters understanding. Yes, the questions are often prejudiced and sometimes naive, but they are also funny. And compassionate.

They're the questions you wonder about, but are too afraid to ask.  Her take is, it's a brilliant show.

So far the show has featured sex workers, Muslims, short-statured people, wheelchair users and members of the indigenous community.

The questions have been confronting, but the answers have been even more illuminating.

Many of the questions left Rosie wondering, "how could you have such an ignorant question?"

But it turns out, tonnes of people were wondering the same thing. And now the show is fighting ignorance with education.

So hold up, does that mean it's okay to ask a stranger in the street why they're fat? Or why Muslim men don't have to cover up?

Err, we recommend erring on the side of caution on that one. Watch the show on ABC or iview, and you'll get all the answers.

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