The Dirty Dancing resort is an actual place and you can STAY THERE.

The 1987 film Dirty Dancing is perhaps one of the most brilliant beloved films to ever feature a Baby, a watermelon and a forbidden love story.

Its catchy 80s soundtrack and ingenious script (“You just put your pickle on everybody’s plate, college boy, and leave the hard stuff to me”) has made it iconic in popular culture, and now, you can relive the plot in the ACTUAL RESORT.


That’s right. The Dirty Dancing resort is a real thing that exists in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia.

It’s real name isn’t the Kellerman Resort, and it isn’t in the Catskill Mountains in New York state like it was for Baby and Johnny, but it is the resort where most of the movie was filmed. And we are so excited.

The Mountain Lake Lodge was renovated in 2012 and now offers three Dirty Dancing themed weekends.


In case you missed that, it has DIRTY. DANCING. THEMED. WEEKENDS.

The package includes dancing lessons (which we don’t need, because we’ve all been practicing), a guided walking tour, and a watermelon toss (obviously). Guys, you can even stay in the actual cabin where Baby and her family stayed in the movie.

Apparently there’s only one rule guests have to follow during their stay: Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

Watch Jennifer Gray talk about what it was like filming one of Dirty Dancing’s most iconic scene. 

Video via ABC News

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