You can now outsource your holiday photos.

Oh good. Now we can outsource our holiday photos.

This one goes out to anyone who has struggled with the ‘do I or don’t I?’ social-media posting complex while on holiday. You know, trying to balance out a decent holiday break while also attempting to curate a picture perfect feed on your Instagram.


Well, your prayers have been answered. Thanks to the smart folks at El Camino you can now hand over your happy snapping completely, leaving you with nothing to do but kick back and enjoy your margarita. (And figuring out your best angle.)

The travel photography company offer packaged holidays around South America, holidays that come with their very own ‘travel photographer.’ This patient snapper will follow you and your family/partner/holiday wardrobe/spray tan around, delivering 20 fully edited shots the morning after for your own personal use.

This means less time squeezing your cranky family into the frame of your sandy iPhone, and more time just enjoying each other’s company.

Missing that #maderaslife ! Gems from Playa Maderas, Nicaragua collected by @jessechamberlin // #elcaminotravel

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The concept is so simple, we wonder why it hasn’t been done before.

The El Camino catchphrase? ‘Be a traveller, not a tourist.’  Which, we’re guessing, means  – put away the f*cking camera, Mum.

“What drew me first to El Camino Travel was the visual component of a photographer documenting the whole trip creatively.

It’s what separates this travel company from others. El Camino brought me to a part of the world I normally wouldn’t have gone to so easily, and in such style!

Everything was well planned, the locations were gorgeous, and if I could do it again, I would. #luxuriateforever.” – Jessica R., guest.

Totally, guys. #luxuriateforever, right? Right?!

As fully tempted as we are at this point to file this away under ‘Stupid Things We Don’t Need’ (alongside velvet-wrapped Range Rovers and monogrammed slippers) – it actually got us thinking. Maybe we do spend too much time with our heads not buried in the sand, but buried deep in our phones instead.

Image all the free time we would have as soon as we were able to untangle ourselves from posting to social media, and just kicking back to enjoy the holiday? You know, like in the Olden Days?

It used to be so easy. There was one camera, one roll of film, and not a lot of hassle. Look, point, smile, click. Was it a good one? Who knows. Should we re-take it? Hell no, we only have 24 shots left!

Memories of a family holiday or romantic escape away was written in what wasn’t pictured – the joke the spanish waiter told that had everyone laughing, or the big lump of seaweed in your son’s swimsuit that you couldn’t see, but had his face mid scream at the water’s edge.

So if you think you can get past some stranger following you around with a wide angle lens, we say go for it. You’ll be kicking butt in the holiday snap poll among your Facebook friends, and your Instagram won’t have a single hot-dog leg or cocktail-against-the-sunset shot to be seen.

Now, just to figure out your best angle…

Would you love to have someone taking all your holiday pictures for you? 

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