12 women tell us the number one tip they've learnt from the You Beauty podcast.

From a young age, looking after my skin was always something I loved doing. I remember getting Nivea samples from Girlfriend magazine and creating my own little routine from the age of 12. 

I didn’t necessarily grow up in a beauty-focused home, but my mum’s cousin was a beautician and would always give me freebies whenever I would visit her salon. 

Fast forward to now, and the routine I’ve created for myself has completely shifted from my Nivea sample days. I’m basically a new woman after every shower, using skincare products that I never knew even existed (ahem, niacinamide!). 

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And it’s all thanks to a little podcast produced by Mamamia calledYou Beauty. Across it? If you’re not listening, you’re missing out! 

Since the pod launched back in 2018, I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve learned about beauty. It has truly transformed the way I approach everything from skincare to haircare and makeup, weird and wonderful facial treatments and SO. MUCH. MORE.

Between hosts Leigh Campbell and Kelly McCarren, Erin Docherty and Shazzy Hunt, and the amazing special guests that contribute every week, this daily podcast really makes beauty so much easier, because they do all the research for you.

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The best part is that they recommend different types of products and treatments in all different budget ranges.  

Here's the top three things I've learnt from the podcast and personally put into practice (and why you should, too!).


1. Double cleanse.

One of the best tips I've learnt is that double cleansing will not strip your face (if you're using the right kind of cleansers, of course), and should in fact be something you do when you're wearing sunscreen and/or heavy makeup. 

2. Your face stops at your boobs.

Another important tip I've learnt? Your face starts at your forehead and ends at your boobs! The podcast has taught me not to ignore my neck and decolletage – because these areas need just as much love as your face. 

So, I now bring all of my skincare products right now to my chest - serums, sunscreen - the whole shebang!

3. Scrub your scalp. 

Scrubbing your scalp makes such a difference to your hair and scalp’s health, and feels amazing when you spend that extra bit of time taking care of your head. 

I asked women in the You Beauty Facebook group to share the one piece of advice that they’ve taken on board after listening to the podcast. 

About 90 per cent said that SPF needs to be worn every single day, which is a given - but here were some other words of wisdom that I found worthy of sharing. 


Jojoba oil! I heard Leigh and Kelly recommend it again and again, but I just couldn’t see how an oil could help my acne-prone skin. 

Well, during a Priceline sale I gave in and bought it - and my skin has never been better! It’s smoother and softer from the emollients in the oil, and the anti-bacterial properties have healed my breakouts like nothing else. 

I absolutely should have listened to them sooner!


The sequence of applying skincare products - from lightest to heaviest texture. This has helped build my routine so well!


Everything to know about alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), including what they are, what they actually do and the best product recommendations. 

I had no idea that I actually needed these ingredients in my routine until listening to the podcast. I have learnt so much.


You don't have to avoid hair products with silicone! And don’t feel bad if you’re buying your shampoo from Woolies.


Always put moisturiser and serums on a damp face. They absorb so much better into your skin.



Double cleansing! And to go to bed looking like a glazed donut.


Knowing what to look for in the ingredients list of products to avoid wasting your time and money! For example, looking out for ‘ascorbic acid’ in vitamin C products is so handy to know.


How life-changing niacinamide is for oily skin girls!


The impact of prescription retinol and how great it can be.


Chemical exfoliants are the best! Also, save on cleansers and splurge on serums.


I never knew that layering serums, moisturiser and sunscreen is actually fine.

These are just some of the many tips you can implement into your routine straight away, but trust me when I say, you’ll get so much more by having these ladies in your ears every day! 

So, head to wherever you get your podcasts and subscribe to You Beauty!

What are some things you've learnt from the You Beauty podcast? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Despina O'Neill/ Mamamia

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